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Posted by big lenny (Member # 3048) on :
I know I have posted about this before - I am actively in month 2.5 of finally aggressive treatment and past few days my lower back and what feels like my prostate ( in that area ) I have been having sharp pain and a feeling of pressure - can this be from die off ? Have had this before but now it is worse than ever
Posted by MTMT (Member # 40756) on :
Not sure all what symptoms you may have but I was starting to get concerned I was having prostate issues from time to time for several months. Finally I read about pudendal neuropathy and this really seems to fit the bill for me more than prostate related issues. Might be worth a read for you.
Posted by big lenny (Member # 3048) on :
Hey guys , thnx for the info ... Saw my doc last week and changed meds a little , pain has not been that bad lately but did not seem to concerned with the pain and pressure I described - also mentioned the splinter hemorages on my thumb nails and also was not too concerned said they are rare but lyme patients do get them ..... I have alot of faith and trust in this doc ! Also told about my weight loss issues and said it will get better with treatment ...... I hate this disease !
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Research Zyflamend (over the counter anti-inflammatory, et al) as it relates to PSA/prostate.


"Zyflamend Suppresses Growth and Sensitizes Human Pancreatic Tumors to Gemcitabine in an Orthotopic Mouse Model Through Modulation of Multiple Targets"

Gemcitabine is a chemo drug given IV for one of the worse forms of cancer...pancreatic.

Hit the cancer cells or infected cells AND lower inflammation big-time.

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