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Posted by River4 (Member # 43677) on :
So I have been dealing with constant nerve pain in my back since my diagnosis last fall. Sometimes it feels like an all over burn and sometimes it very clearly follows nerve roots or dermatomes and wraps around into my stomach.

My doctor thinks it is possibly shingles that has been activated from the Lyme beating down my immune system. But that would mean repeated bouts of shingles on both sides of the body in at least a few different nerve roots(5-6).

I keep telling my doctor that I think it is lyme radiculitis that has infected the nerve roots because of the lack of a tell tale shingles rash.

Well now I have a rash. The spots are pretty small but they are definitely in the areas where I have pain and they seem to follow the nerve roots that are causing me problems.

Here's my question: Has anyone had a "detox" rash from Lyme that came out precisely in the area where they have nerve pain? Or has anyone had repeated bouts of shingles associated with their Lyme?

Thanks for all the help! I am still a newbie at this as I am only 7 months into it all.
Posted by MTMT (Member # 40756) on :
If you actually have lesions I would recommend going to a dermatologist and getting the lesions swabbed to find out what exactly it is.

I have been suffering through lower back and some nerve discomfort in the genital and anal area for a while now...probably had it a lot longer than I noticed it. I swear the skin in a little area feels tender to the touch sometimes, then sometimes not at all, then a burning/pressure sensation deeper and following the nerve path, but there has been no visible skin changes for 6 months. I was honestly concerned that I contracted an STD from my previous relationship but that thought is starting to wear off as it just doesn't fit the bill.

My LLMD thinks my sensations have a good chance it is Lyme related.
Posted by Kbone (Member # 43682) on :
Not sure on a rash on the nerves but for the pain what about a chiropractor. I have bad back and neck pain too it helps a lot and alleviates some of the brain fog.

He does my hips too cuz the lyme makes my sciatica flare. I feel like a new woman when he's done.

Also I do get weird rashes on my neck and arms but have not seen anything on the back
Posted by River4 (Member # 43677) on :
Thanks everybody for your responses!

MTMT I would love to get these lesions swabbed to see exactly what they are. I just don't think I could get in with a dermatologist before they heal. I was going to ask my LLND if he can at least swab then to see if they are shingles.

Knoba- my pain is nerve pain so it is not structural. But I do go to an osteopath. I really can't tell if it helps.

Carol- I was just starting to do a little research on PEMF recently. I really do need some modality that will help heal the damage. It seems with Lyme that is the key. You have to fight the infection and heal the damage.

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