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Posted by j_liz (Member # 20496) on :
I just got my test results back. I am positive for Mycoplasma pneumoniae. My LLMD wants me to come in and muscle test for a natural antibiotic.

Anybody else have this? How are you treating it? What is a good site for symptom and other info?

PS According to lab notes it should be confirmed by another test in 2-4 weeks. Did you do this?

I was treated for Lyme already, 3 yrs. 2007-10 with Bicillin LA. I'm doing pretty good. Still have night sweats, fatigue, muscle spasms, and I guess I could name more, but I am so much better. Functional.

For the Lyme I still take Cat's Claw and LDN.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
I use Rife frequency treatments for Myco Pneumonia. Works quite well. I am fairly sure I have had this virtually all my life.

This is likely a player in most of what are called, autoimmune diseases.

Posted by steve1906 (Member # 16206) on :
Sorry to see you have to deal with this. Check out the site below....

Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
My son has tested positive for Myco pneum. for the second time in two years. My son did not have to re-test in 2-4 weeks.

His LLMD put him on Ketek (very expensive, hard to find), which he told us is the best med to treat Myco. It can affect the liver, however, so blood tests need to be done every week.

We are also looking into using Byron White's herbal formulation called A-Myco as an alternative treatment to Ketek. See

Your LLMD should be able to get it for you. You must ramp up slowly starting with one drop at a time as it is very powerful.

The website is good for info about Myco, etc. Also, the top LLMD, Dr. H, discusses it in his book, "Why Can't I Get Better?", from pages 119-121.
Posted by j_liz (Member # 20496) on :
Thanks, Everyone.
Posted by j_liz (Member # 20496) on :
I have an appt tomorrow. My LLMD is going to muscle test me for Byron White formulas.
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
I just started Buhner's protocol for mycoplasma, it's in his new book. Lots of Cordyceps and a few other herbs.
Posted by patches10025 (Member # 20983) on :
What are the symptoms? Does it cause mental confusion, sluggishness?

Low energy?

Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
My son has definitely had an increase in fatigue and pain. Myco may well be the missing piece of the proverbial puzzle which needs to be treated, according to his LLMD.

This disease is an absolute nightmare!!
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
I don't have Lyme so my symptoms may be different. My first indication is phlegm that I do not normally have. As it progresses I get this grinding fatigue when trying to do anything that is physically demanding. I become literally to exhausted to do physical things that normally would not have that effect.

Posted by j_liz (Member # 20496) on :
Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
We must have the same LLMD. I tested positive for it in January and did the Byron White A Myco and NT Detox. My permanent sore throat and post nasal drip disappeared, and I've gone from 40mg to 20mg of Flexeril at night (my one last lyme related script, as I've been off abx for a decade). Do the herbs. They taste nasty as all get out, but were worth doing.

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