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Posted by tickled1 (Member # 14257) on :
I haven't treated aggressively in several years and although I'm better than I was I am still sick and am considering restarting treatment. Problem is, I've had C Diff twice. Anyone here able to resume abx after having C Diff?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I haven't had it... but you could try Rifing.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Yes. There is always some (other) way to approach any puzzle. Always.

Good suggestion by LymeToo to consider RIFE -- &/ think about travel to Germany and work with Dr. W. (I'm not sure if anyone in the US is trained to be of equal caliber but also check to see).

There are ways to treat with other herbs in very detailed protocols, too, see the "How to Find a LL ND" thread in the set below for choices there.

I sure would not do any Rx unless you have a very experienced LL ND on board. They would know the kinds of things that could make the difference for you in safety with certain Rx. Still, it may be that avoidance of antibiotic Rx is needed. Even if so, that's not the end of options.

And, with any protocol, it would be good to have a LL ND as counsel for the good things to help your gut during what still would be a delicate time - any treatment can be. The gut terrain really needs extra attention.;f=1;t=117755;p=0

Topic: RIFE Machine - Reference LINKS;f=1;t=125858;p=0

Topic: What is Photon Therapy?

Scroll down to find: BioPhoton Treatment with Dr. W

Full Sample Chapter from book: Insights in Lyme Disease Treatment, by Connie Strasheim

Chapter 6 Bionic / Photon Therapy for Lyme Disease
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
You may already be avoid all this. It's must a thought, in case. Regardless of the path decided upon, even if not celiac . . .

being gluten free, and dairy free may also be really helpful for anyone with a history of gut lining issues.

Even being GMO-free would be vital. After seeing the video here of what the gut does with GMO foods, it's quite clear. I never want anything GMO in my body again. I had so many gut issues that I'm not chancing that again.;f=3;t=029690;p=0

Excitotoxins; MSG; Aspartame; & "Natural" Flavors (that are not likely natural at all).

GMO foods that destroy the GI Tract; Gluten; Dairy.

See documentary link here for "GMO ROULETTE"

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