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Posted by personincfl (Member # 44835) on :

I have been switched over to VItamin C IV's three times a week. It seems like there is alot of variety as to where it comes from and what form it can be in ( Vitamin C ).

I am working back up to 50 grams with a casava derived version instead of the corn derived one I had started with. It seems to burn quite a bit while being infused. I have had the nurses Y-line the vitamin c with extra fluids. I pretty much have to run the extra fluids at a 2 or 3 to 1 ratio to make it tolerable.

Has anyone else had issues with Vitamin C IV's or similar problems?
Posted by dali (Member # 24458) on :
I've had 50 g of vitamin C, and yes, it is uncomfortable. I also felt like I was "drunk" in my brain, had palpitations, and an all around horrible feeling during the process. I don't know if that was a herx or a side effect. I suspect a herx. 25 g was more tolerable for me.
Posted by personincfl (Member # 44835) on :
I asked the nurses to show me the actual Vitamin C solution today. I have been looking more into it and it seems like most of it is derived from GMO corn and Cassava. What I was receiving was ascorbic acid from Cassava (we were hoping it would be better than the corn variety I had tried first).

There is also a sodium ascorbate form which is much more buffered (pH) than the ascorbic acid which is 3.7 pH I believe. I think it is just too acidic and I require the buffered form.

I am looking into liposomal vitamin C as it appears it is roughly equivalent to IV, or more so depending on where you read about it.

I guess I'm going to have to be my own doctor on this one more than I had thought.
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
IV C made me very acidic, however I feel great with Emergen-C with MSM packs (not the one with sugar). They really help a lot.

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