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Posted by Theresa (Member # 421) on :
Has anyone been diagnosed with cidp? I have chronic lyme, bartenella and babesia. It lead to autoimmune which caused the cidp. I am waiting for approval for icing therapy.I am wondering how common the cidp is. New thing is now have trouble on and off with swallowing. thanks. God Bless Theresa
Posted by bigstan (Member # 11699) on :
You can do a google search and type in lyme cidp there is info out there. Here is one from a doctors blog:
Posted by Theresa (Member # 421) on :
Good information. Thank you. It confirms my doctors plan. I have been waiting 6 weeks for approvals for i.v. doxycycline and i.v.i.g. therapy. I am on orals and getting worse. not happy about the swallowing difficulty. God Bless Theresa
Posted by Littlesprout (Member # 7406) on :
Look into Ivig r your CIPD. Ins will pay for it w CIPD diagnoses
My Lyme friend, 65+, is having good results w it. Gammunex C is suppose to be one of the best.

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