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Posted by Samlyme (Member # 43732) on :
Is it possible for me to get a sinus infection while I'm on doxycycline and plaquenil?

I just stopped taking tindamax last weekend. It proved to be too strong for me. For some reason Mepron and Tindamax were both too strong for me.

During the last couple of days that I took both of these antibiotics my sinuses started to burn. It took about three days for it to go away after mepron.

The last dose of tindamax was on Saturday. My left sinus still keeps aching intermittently. It feels like a burning pain... It doesn't really feel like a sinus infection though...

And it doesn't seem to be relenting as much this time.

Could I have some kind of candida thing happening. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with anything like this.

Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
my sinuses are bad right now too. maybe it's the weather? I am in northeast.

I have terrible congestion as slight burn in nose for weeks now. cannot seem to get rid of it. it started after my last treatment ended so I am thinking it might be a herx?

saline spray helps mine a little. have you tried that?

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