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Posted by Maya12 (Member # 36392) on :
I have been put on this for a tooth infection but I am wondering of this abx hits anything else as well?
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
We're all different in how we respond to anything including antibiotics.

Clindamycin is one of the few antibiotics I can take without having an allergic reaction. I used it to treat other infections.

When I found out I had Lyme, I put myself on what was left of it in my drawer, around the clock like it had been prescribed for a finger infection, and in a week's time, it stopped all my fibromyalgia pain! Then I started herxing in a month and backed down on dose.

I used it for 5 years before it stopped working and now I'm taking turmeric, which does very well in taking down inflammation in joints and muscles.

I never had C diff with it in the 5 years I took it, but I did have C diff once with erythromycin. Saying this for the discussion which usually comes up about taking clinda.

Are you treating Lyme now? I am not a doctor for anyone but one idea I have is if you want to do the experiment and up the dose and see whether symptoms you have go away.

I was told to take it around the clock for a finger infection - 150mg every 6 hours, and that's what I did before I herxed and then I dropped back to 150mg 2x/day. Just my info; I cannot tell you what to do.
Posted by MichaelTampa (Member # 24868) on :
I had a doc put me on it for what he saw as "babesia", based on the standard ilads babesia symptom profile, if you will.

It was combined with other abx, but soon after I moved to this, I did get c-diff and it made abx generally intolerable for my system (may recover someday). It does have that reputation, but also a reputation for being helpful with the lyme complex.
Posted by Maya12 (Member # 36392) on :
So will itale me herx likely?
Posted by desertwind (Member # 25256) on :
I took it as part of Babs treatment. Never got c-diff but really upped the pro.'s and added Sach. B.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Works for babesia.. but is usually paired with quinine.

Be careful to up the s.boulardii.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Maya, no one knows anything really until they take it. Clinda did make me herx in a month's time. I got really, really tired and had to back down in dosage. You'll know - your body will give you feedback.
Posted by lymielauren28 (Member # 13742) on :
I'm on IV Clindamycin and have had some herxing but nothing intolerable. It does make me sleepy and I get some jaw pain and twitching after infusing. It hasn't floored me though and I'm on my second month.
Posted by Maya12 (Member # 36392) on :
Wow I am herxing like crazy on this. I am taking 1200 Mgs a day.

How common is c diff?
Posted by triathlongal (Member # 31684) on :
I was off and on over the past couple of years. I never got c diff but llmd insisted on Sach B while on Clinda.

What are your herx symptoms?
Posted by Maya12 (Member # 36392) on :
Just head pressure, ear fullness and dizziness and some brain fog or dp and feeling really sleepy.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Let's just say that clindamycin is the worst offender when it comes to c.diff... so .. are you taking your s.boulardii??
Posted by Maya12 (Member # 36392) on :
I haven't started taking it yet but will start tomorrow.

It is only a 10 day course

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