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Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
This seems to be a symptom that is very stubborn. Once this is gone I will be well.

What have people found effective for all of the head stuff?

I have cognitive difficulty, feel as if I am floating, disconnected from the real world. This is also combined with odd sensations at the crown of my head, crawling, pressure, swelling. I have no doubt that it is an infection just not sure how to identify it.

I'm sure there are times that detox helps this, but mostly medicine will stop the crawling/ brain issues.

Has anyone ever done skin biopsies to identify parasites or other odd things?
Posted by gz (Member # 43818) on :
My cognitive function has been the worst the longest and I am scared it might not come back. I've been treating less than a year though.

Feeling floaty and head pressure are babs symptoms for me.

No parasite testing, but I had the worst skin crawling sensations, especially at night and mostly concentrated on my head.

Treating for parasites made my crawling sensations go away. It also helped me think a little better, but I still can't remember stuff or process stimuli very well.

It appears that many connect the crawling sensations with bart also.

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Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
No idea if this is what's going on with you, but I felt disconnected from the world until my thyroid T3 hormone was bloodtested and found to be low. Then I went on Armour thyroid and felt like I had returned to the world again, as my metabolism was working better again.

Pressure at the crown of your head - what about trying some cranial work with a person trained in it? Again, only a guess, but I mention it as cranial work has succeeded in releasing a lot of my head and face tension.

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