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Posted by sickofthepain (Member # 39579) on :
I know there are several posts about the saunas and I do find them helpful but I have a question. The place that I have found that has one at a reasonable rate is always turned off when I get there. They always say that it is already for you

and when I get down there, it is cold. They really only want you to be using it and shower for 30 min. It takes 35 min for it to reach 110 and 120 is the max. I don't even begin to sweat

until it is over 110 and lately I can't even hardly sweat. Today I asked on the phone if they could turn it on before I get there and she said she would do it this time but it is a gradual

warm up. When I get in there I use just a towel and the time before last I was frozen sitting in there while it was warming up. Is this true that it is a gradual warm up and that is how you benefit? I have benefited more from just sweating

hard from the heat. The last sauna I used was turned on most of the time. I have three sessions left that I purchased with a package and I am afraid this might be another dead end for me

unless I can buy my own which will only happen if I win the lotto. She said that she would have someone look at it. Maybe it is broken taking so long to heat up. I need to sweat or it is pointless wouldn't you say?
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
I'd say this is not enough time to sweat sufficiently. My sweat time varies - I've clocked it - anywhere from 22 minutes to 40 minutes to start sweating.

Heating time - probably varies according to whether someone can handle heat. I can handle it, so I like a quickly heated sauna. Others may need slow. But if slow, you still need heat time to sweat.

Could you ask her to give you an hour of time at the same price so you have time to sweat?

FIR saunas can be found on Amazon and EBay - you might check prices, if someone is offering lower than usual. They are usually advertised for under $200.
Posted by sickofthepain (Member # 39579) on :
I can't take the summer wet moist heat but I do like this dry heat. I benefit if I can sweat for at least 30 min but 40 is better. That is with it already heated or a faster heating temp.This slow heat stuff is not going to work.

I never see anyone ever using it and when I call, it has always been available except 1 time someone was actually using it. I don't think that it gets used much and I wonder if it is because it is taking so long to heat.You freeze.

I would do better in the bathtub. I have looked at the portable ones. I like the idea of using a sauna that encompasses my head too though because

I have lyme eye and am hoping it will get to that.But if it comes down to it and I do win the daily lotto(which I never play), I might get a portable one.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
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Posted by Tbrown2 (Member # 42446) on :
Sickofthepain try eBay I just bought mine for $120. I haggled the seller down from $165. You can put your head inside if you sit on the ground and not in the chair. Just google FIR sauna EBay. Not sure if thats out of your price range but I'm glad I bought one thought it was a good investment on my part. Also the heat up time for it is about 2 minutes so no freezing to death
Posted by sickofthepain (Member # 39579) on :
I will look Tbrown and Robin. Thanks.Yes, this afternoon was a little better with asking for it to be preheated but she was not happy about it. I kindly let her know when I was done how much better that was to go in there

with it at least partially warmed up.It actually made it up to 120 while in there and I was able to sweat this time.I was beginning to think it was me,couldn't sweat. I don't think she will

turn it on again. 2 sessions left to use and I will look for a portable one. Maybe someone will buy it for me for my birthday.One can hope.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Not happy? Tell them if they don't heat it up for you that you want your money back. It's a sauna, not a warming box. It's ridiculous to have to go in cold or even partially warmed up unless you want to do so (sounds like they're cheap with their electricity).

I've waited several times for it to get to the temp I wanted before I went in, as they usually forget to warm it up for me.

Get a portable one. Other posters have sworn by them.
Posted by S13 (Member # 42830) on :
A FIR sauna should be entered when it is only partially warmed up! I like 35-40 Celsius, because that is when it gets comfortable.
Only when it is actively heating up, there is infrared radiation, which penetrates the skin. When it is heated up to maximum temperature, like 50-60celsius, the infrared heaters are turned off and only briefly turned on periodically to maintain the temperature. You will not get a lot of infrared penetration in the skin that way.

But i agree the sauna should never feel cold! That is ridiculous.
Posted by sickofthepain (Member # 39579) on :
I paid $60 for 5 sessions. They are normally $25 each. I will attempt to ask her to warm it up again. I will let her know that I spoke to some experts on saunas and they highly suggest having

it partially warmed.I have 2 left.I don't think I'll get any money back but I don't think I will be returning though either. It's a nice one, but no, I shouldn't have to freeze for awhile when

getting in there.She said her boss said it is suppose to warm the person up and not the room. It's the two person wooden kind. It may be that they are tight on electric. It doesn't get a huge

amount of business.I have been trying to get it warmed up since I started.This would make it 8 times that I have gone and it is much colder down there then the first 5 that I did.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Sorry you are going through this. She and her boss are either idiots, cheap or both. Tell them again before your apt it's simply not reasonably hot enough for you to use. If they blow you off again, tell them that you will be sure to let everyone you know how disappointed you are with their business.

Sounds like you've already told them enough times it's not hot enough though. They're not listening. Businesses tend to listen though when people threaten to tell people how bad they are.

There is no reason for a place to treat people like they are asking too much to simply heat up a sauna. It's a sauna, it's supposed to be hot. They can't intimidate people to use it a the temps they desire. Stand your ground or don't go back.
Posted by sickofthepain (Member # 39579) on :
Better luck at the sauna today. I thanked her last time for turning it on before I got there. She seemed a little unhappy about having to do(last time) it but she turned it on again for

me this time without me asking.I still have one left in my package.I thanked her again and let her know how much better it is to go down there with it warm. It shouldn't have to be told but I

guess it did. It is cold and winter and freezing down there. I was able to sweat for about 20 minutes and quite the smell of ammonia. I seem to have a bit of ammonia. I take the cholestyramine

that I get from my mom. That has helped immensely with migraines too.(not around sauna time if I know I am going). Where the heck is all of this ammonia coming from? I smell it when I cry too.

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