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Posted by lymewreck36 (Member # 4395) on :
"Does My Patient with a Serum Monoclonal Spike have Multiple Myeloma?"

Has anyone here been evaluated for this? How did it turn out and how are you doing?

Posted by dal123 (Member # 6313) on :
Don't get bent out of shape over this one. The medical laboratory definition and disorders diagnosed with a monoclonal spike is at best old and outdated information. To diagnose Multiple Myeloma other factors are needed. Most LLMD's do not really understand this spike. I have observed with treatment for lyme and co infections this monoclonal spike returns to normal, if there are NO other factors such as true gammaglobulinopathies. The Osp of the spirochete does affect the proteins, so do the cytokines which form the foundation of the gamma globulins. Look at the cytokines- interleukins.
Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
Chronic inflammation can cause an elevation in M-Spike. It's important to get tested (SPEP & UPEP) and have light chains tested. evaluation of any positive findings should be evaluated by an oncologist/hematologist.

Many with Chronic lyme & especially with Lyme Arthritis have MGUS but should get tested annually.

I have MGUS, bence jones proteins and light chain deposition so I get tested every 6mons.

so lyme has caused me to have plasma dyscrasia.

so take your results seriously and check with a hematologist if your not comfortable with your treating doctors response.

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