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Posted by average joe (Member # 26091) on :
Anyone know where to buy Phanotron bulbs now?
It looks as though Bill C contact info is no longer valid so I am looking for a source for these.

Last one I got from DT but am looking for 5 or more of these.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Is that the same kind of bulb for the EMEM5?

Actually, just looked it up. It is not. I see the photo, at the bottom, you can buy them here:

You might also contact Brian Rosner.

For others who might wonder about the need for a spare for EMEM5, though:

Years ago, I asked DT about a the need to have a spare bulb for EMEM5 on hand and he said the bulb should last well beyond my lifetime.

I'm sure I asked a few times "really?" . . . "really?" and he assured me.

Also informed me the bulbs are several hundreds of dollars, so was very relieved to hear a spare is not needed (usually).

To lessen risk of being dropped, I put two "utility handles" on the top of my EMEM5 so that it's safer for me to carry it from my closet. Holes should be predrilled (but not all the way through the board) before attaching handle with screw so as not to crack the wood.
Posted by average joe (Member # 26091) on :
Thanks for the reply Keebler. I probably should have been more specific about what I needed.
What I am looking for is the same bulb that belongs in an EMEM5 not the one pictured on the link. They are still considered Phanotron bulbs but a different shape and size obviously

I agree you should not need a spare bulb. What I am considering is providing an alternative resource for an inexpensive machine based on DTs' as I have the ability to make these devices. Buying the components in bulk (including the bulbs) allows for a price break which can be passed on to whoever purchases these.

This of course would hinge on demand for the machines. I floated this idea a few years back but demand didn't seem to be there. Recently it looks like there has been somewhat of a surge in inquiries however.

The unit I put together for myself is very compact with a built in handle. It has no exposed bare wood and looks like an every day item so whoever would have a similar device would not have to explain what that thing is sitting in the family room. It is also so portable you could just pick it up and go but again since it looks like an every day item nobody would question what it is.

There is the possibility of custom machines as well. All the components to make the thing work could be adapted into other "housings" if you will. But again, these would be functionally identical to the EMEM5A from DT.

I put this post on here hoping someone would have a contact for the bulbs without having to bother DT. Not that he would mind as he is a cool old guy. When I last spoke to him the conversation was over two hours. We both just sort of got caught up in it I suppose.

Again if there is interest I may be able to help. I could also forward some pictures of my unit which would give a better understanding of what I mean by a "custom" unit.

So with all of that said I ask again: Does anyone have contact info to buy 5-10 of these bulbs at a crack?

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