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Posted by baxter97 (Member # 45416) on :
Hi- Has anyone used or heard of this treatment for Lyme Disease? I currently have been taking my 10 year old daughter for Advanced Allergy Treatments for some symptoms of that nature- after several treatments the practitioner was concerned that we weren't seeing any results so tested her further with the machine/muscle testing they do for allergies & she has a high reading for the elements of Lyme Disease- I suspected Lyme Disease in her about 3 years ago & very long story but she ended up in Children's Hospital for almost a week & had every test under the sun & actually was diagnosed at that time with a brain tumor- which ended up resolving on it's own over several months- which baffled the Doctors there at the time also- many symptoms then- not so much now- the only Lyme test she had then was the titer, which I am not confident in the results of those- anyway, they want us to try this modality of treatment that is to use low dose radio waves to "kill" the parasites... I have read some about it & doesn't seem to be any harm in trying it- but any advice would be great- If I can avoid the high doses of antibiotics for her- I know that isn't great either- I went that route when I had active Lyme Disease about 15 years ago- went undiagnosed for almost a year with Doctors here telling me that wasn't it- UGH!!! I fear she has probably had it for some time as well- she has no symptoms that way though at the present time- anyone heard of this treatment?? Thanks for any help!
Posted by Judie (Member # 38323) on :
Here's a thread. Tons of info if you do a search on lymenet:

I have a friend who uses a coiling machine. She says it penetrates deeper than the zapper which doesn't go deep enough to get rid of anything.

Hulda Clark isn't alive anymore (just google "hulda clark death" and read the pages that come up for her death and cancer).

Keep in mind, that a lot of the people who claim to be helped by these devices did massive amounts of antibiotics prior to using them. They may have been recovering from the massive antibiotic treatments and attributing it to these devices.

I haven't gotten much benefit from these devices.
Posted by droid1226 (Member # 34930) on :
I paid 200 bucks for one. It literally did nothing.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I have one too. It is not strong enough for most infections, in my opinion. I have mine packed for many years....
Posted by lookup (Member # 44574) on :
Same here. It is not strong enough. It may be challenging enough, though, to make them want to go into their protective cyst form. But, I don't know that for a fact. I do know for sure that, though, that it is not strong enough.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
I've had one for years. It works to lessen colds and the flu by a lot but does not work for parasites or lyme (at least for me). I'm using it at the moment for a cold.
Posted by baxter97 (Member # 45416) on :
Thanks for the replies everyone- sounds like possibly it won't hurt anything but may not be a solution either.
Posted by lookup (Member # 44574) on :
The zapper did work for parasites back in early 2001. Last year, I picked up something in yard while doing yard work or by going barefoot doing QiGong in a park but the Zapper did not work for it this time. I must have thrown $500 at it. The thing that worked was Sole.

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