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Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
As part of my tour of Dr's to just get 2nd opinions. I went to see a pain specialist. She also suggested upping my cymbalta as I'm at half the recommended dose for "fibromyalgia." The 4th medical professional to suggest this. Even my LLMD said I was on a tiny dose.

But she also mentioned a drug called topamax that is used for seizures, and also for migraines... But many migraine sufferers have reported that their fibro type pain was also diminished with use. A side effect (among others) is weight loss which would be welcomed. Sounds too good to be true. Less pain, fewer migraines, and help with a life long weight issue.

Anyone have any experience with this?
Posted by robbiem (Member # 32092) on :

Tried it about 5 years ago, and I did not like it at all.

It made me manic, jittery, spacey, and it worsened my already messed up sleep patterns.

But to be honest, I have also tried Wellbutrin, and Prozac in the past, and did not tolerate those well either. Not sure if it's due to my biochemistry or the infections.

I found that taking Chlorella nightly for about 8 months lessened and eventually got rid of my fibromyalgia entirely. I have been free of it now for approximately 4 years.

Good luck!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
All I can say is that if you ever want to get OFF of Cymbalta, look out.

I was fine because I had to stop it after only 3 weeks, but I heard the horror stories.

I don't like to take anything I don't absolutely have to. I take curcumin for pain. Works way better than Cymbalta for me.

I have no info on Topamax.
Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
Thanks Robbie and tutu! Those are the side effects I'm worried about. Interesting about chlorella. I couldn't take curcumin... I forget whether it was allergy or gi. But something got more inflamed on it.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Sounds terribly risky. Also seems like it should not be used for anyone with lyme due to the liver issues. I would never want to take this.

Topiramate (By mouth)
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
There are dozens of other excellent options from the plant world that not only will help decrease pain (due to the antioxidants that act as anti-inflammatories)

but also will add nutrients to your body at the same time.

A LL ND would be best to consult. And, there are some searches / books you could explore on your own. For starters, taking robbiem's suggestion above, I love Chlorella:

Super Foods: Chlorella & Spirulina

Mike Adams - Natural News 35 pages;f=1;t=131555;p=0#000005

Topic: Chlorella as a binder? When to take?

Brussels replied in this thread - on April 14, 2015:

Yes, chlorella is a complete plant (in dry form), so it is far from single chemicals (like minerals, vitamins, or alpha lipoic acid for example), or from non-food supplements (like clay, zeolites, for example).

In my view then, it is more to be seen as food than as a supplement.

The same way spinach or lettuce won't bind to your magnesium, your vitamins, your antibiotic, chlorella won't bind to these stuff, as it NEEDS many of the things we need for its own survival in nature. So chlorella does contain lots of minerals, amino acids etc.

It will though bind with many heavy metals! It is in research.

I love chlorella, and I take it anytime. Really anytime. (End Brussels' quote)
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Astaxanthin might also be good to consider.
Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
I would love to use stuff from the plant world. Unfortunately, most everything I try at therapeutic doses inflames me more. I
Have had good luck with some pharmaceuticals which is why I explore them cautiously.

I am having some success with a natural product called Celadrin. It seems to be helping my joint pain a bit. It may even be redponsible for bringing my sed rate down to 30 from 89 as it was the only new thing I had tried (that,or I stopped eating smoked salmon salad every morning)

Tutu, wouldn't I be in trouble getting off Cymbalta even at this low dose?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
How much are you taking and how long have you been taking it?

If you are reacting to many plant products you might want to explore the possibility of being sensitive to salicylates. I am sensitive to them, but am still able to take the curcumin. I would be in big trouble without it.
Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
Tutu, 30mg for about 3 years. It helped me immensely. It's only been the past couple of months I'm battling again.
Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
I just wanted to bump this up. anyone else have any experience with Topamax? please share your experience if you have.

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