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Posted by LymeinNJ (Member # 7805) on :
I am positive for multiple Babsesia species and Lyme. My doctor feels that you need to treat for Babs before Lyme disease thinking that 3 Malarone a day is as much as the liver can handle.

I am interested to hear if others with Lyme and Babs have had the same advice/treatment from their LLMD or if you're being treated for Babs via Malarone as same time as abx for Lyme. If so, how is this working?

I am concerned about not treating Lyme at all.

Also wondering how long folks use as a gap time between taking Malarone and supplements.

Many thanks.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
My LLMD treats for lyme and babs at the same time. He is a very experienced lyme doc. Personally I have found that only treating one thing makes other things go wild. That said, perhaps you have some problem with your liver and that is why your doc is concerned?

I have taken malarone at the same time as lyme meds with no problem. I was told not to take co q 10 when treating babs because it feeds them.

I try to take prescriptions at least an hour away from supplements but best check with your doctor for his recommendation.

Posted by Jessiep (Member # 35399) on :
I take 4 malarone a day plus a tsp of mepron 2x a day. That's alone with zith and bicillin. Liver is fine.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
Forgot to mention that I was on 2 2x per day of malarone and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated but I was also on lyme treatment. Not sure which one caused the liver enzymes to be elevated.


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