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Posted by homesick73 (Member # 36551) on :
I am very sensitive to EMFs and can only spend a few minutes at a time on the computer it is so painful.

So, that is why I didn't do a search, it just takes too long.

Can you guys suggest something that might help me?
I am afraid I will eventually become disabled by this. Thanks.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Try to follow my Tesla wand thread.

My EMF sensitivity got MUCH worse during lyme. When lyme got fully dormant, I still continued to be electro-sensitive.

The key is to lower the amount of heavy metals in the body, said dr. K. I couldn't believe him, because I had been doing CHELATION (different methods) for so many years, and I was STILL electrosentitive.

WEll, for the last 6 months, I've been using a Tesla violet Ray wand, and detoxing like hell, non stop.

About 3 months using it, I noticed some improvement in EMF sensitivity. I got less cold, less 'crazy', with my computer. I could stand longer in front of the computer without symptoms.

No anxiety, no cold hands, no problems to fall asleep...

Now I'm using it for 6 months. I swear that I started to feel electrosmog does NOT affect me.

Lyme left me 6 years ago, but electrosmog sensitivity remained, until about 2 months ago.

I even feel funny to say that, as I was terrified from electrosmog (had terrible headaches in museums with too much wifi, or in longer train rides). Awful handicapping symptoms.

Not anymore. I'm still crossing my fingers all this detox with my Tesla wand is going to close that EMF sensitivity chapter in my life.
Posted by homesick73 (Member # 36551) on :
Thanks Brussels for the suggestions. I can't tolerate chorella. Can you recommend something else that is good for detox?
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I think MSM is a great detoxifier too. It's pure sulphur, very potent.

I guess some stuff in combination can help.

I always took much more than chlorella, but chlorella was my main detoxing agent.

Clay is good (usually everybody accepts that well), but it does not bind as well as chlorella.

Charcoal binds well, but it binds sometimes too much (so you got to take it but not for too long periods).

I love bear garlic tincture, with a special type of sulphur (different than MSM), but I use it in combination with chlorella.

Anything else that moves heavy metals (like alpha lipoic acid, zeolites, for example) are not easy to take, in my opinion (as they stir a lot of metals at first). I would add these only after I tried other 'easier' binders.

Another product that is extremely strong is ionic hydrogen. The name of the product is Megahydrate.

I would also start slow with it. The scientist who developed that was LOADED with mercury since very young age (he drank mercury accidentally at age 2 or 3.).

I hope you find products that fit your body and condition. I find that doing rotation of binders have always been useful. Magnesium also helps, selenium, iodine...

I did energy tests to know what to take and when, and that guided me most of the time. With the years, I began having my favorite binders (like chlorella, bear garlic, MSM) and recently, I found Megahydrate.
Posted by MichaelTampa (Member # 24868) on :
I have heard many times that it is the heavy metals that cause it. I wonder if it might be that mold is also a cause of this, as if the mold/fungus reacts to the EMF's by growing or other activity that creates neurotoxins. My experience suggests that to me, although very difficult to be sure.
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
I found out that there are different types of waves out there. it's not just EMFs that can cause problems. it is also high frequency radio waves, and short radio waves.

we have a hospital right behind us about 1/4 mile away- a HUGE hospital. it gives all kinds of problems in this area.

we had out home tested by a really knowledgable group. they came and tested every room, space, air, yard, etc. and gave us a report on all of this. they found 2 really large culprits in our home.

#1 was some wiring issue (unusual) in our basement attached for some reason to the large water pipe. it sent a reading off the charts including up through the family room floor directly above where I cannot even sit in the chair at that spot because it feels like someone is twisting my brain with pliers. now I know.

#2 was a huge one also- and it was the XBOX. when we turned off that and did a reading it was still over the top. we had to physically unplug the XBOX to make the "noise" stop. when we did, everyone on the team, and our family all noticed we felt calmer and more able to concentrate, listen, etc.... it was amazing!

now I know why when we have had power outages in the winter here we are all so calm and happy! it is No electricity!

I would be happy to live somewhere in wilderness with candles, but I would have to divorce my husband and 3 kids first
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Certainly, there is more than one type of radiation (even radon!!).

I do turn off circuit breakers at night, or I can't sleep either. I feel the magnetism from wires inside the thin wooden walls.

I also did a whole structure on metal to protect against cell phone towers. Sort of helps too.

We have no direct neighbors, so that is good (no wifi from them...).

Some people live on water courses (underground) and also can get trouble...


As for MOLD, it goes HAND IN HAND with EMF. The more EMF, the more mold emit spores. It can be MASSIVE, up to 600 times more than in a place with little electrosmog!!!

In my case, my 20 year sensitivity (since about 1995, 1996) simply faded to a successful detox (it took me about 5 months of non-stop detox to feel the REAL difference).

Before, I had the impression chelation helped me, but I was NEVER free from electrosensitivity.

But certainly, mold is NOT to be forgotten.

In my case, it is not mold, because I didn't clean any mold (you can bet my house has some, as it is 250 years old, made of wood and stone).

My symptoms of EMF sensitivity just vanished for some reason, and I'm betting it has to do with my Tesla wand. If it were mold, I would be still ill.

I only react when wifi is on, when I talk on wireless phone, when I'm in front of this computer, when the wifi amplifier is on.

If all that is off, and I'm in the kitchen (that has very thick walls and is quite clean from cell phone smog), and the fluorescent lamps are off, I usually feel nothing. Just calm, normal.

The more these things are ON, the more I suffer. It is not clearly like day and light, but more like cumulative.

The thing that cancels that awful feeling of being WIRED up from within is laying on grass or staying barefoot on grass for at least one hour.

Opening the windows also cancels some of the positive ions (if my memory is good, these get trapped inside our homes due to excess of smog?).

You feel the difference when you do that regularly: open the windows wide, and let the whole inside air renew.

In the summer, my windows are open the whole time. Let's see in winter: if this electrosensitivity still doesn't bother me, it will be great!
Posted by homesick73 (Member # 36551) on :
Thanks for all the information and suggestions. This is a big help.
Posted by JCarlhelp (Member # 15957) on :
Look at the following
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
one thing about opening windows just in case you have a yard like we do-

the mold people found that the area around our house - we have garden all around with mulch- the mold readings outside the windows was much greater than the mold in the house, so opening the windows will most likely let mold in.

I open on choice days, like right after a cold rain or something. then it seems to be less of a notice of sx.
Posted by geronimog (Member # 34875) on :
The incidence is much higher in people who know they have environmental illness. Dr Rea says EMF sensitivity usually stems from mold or chemical sensitivity. And that if you successfully address the underlying problem the electrical sensitivity usually resolves.

I had a really bad case of it. I switched houses and this reduced it by 80%. Definitely mold and/or other inflammogens.
Posted by rowingmom (Member # 41213) on :
Buhner's associate, Julie McIntyre recommended we use cilantro and a binder (she suggested zeolite), but didn't really give me a reason. So in googling around I found this:

and decided to give it a try. Within a week or so both K (my daughter) and I were finding we were much less electrosensitive than we have been for a long time. No more reaction to wifi in public places or even hotel rooms.

This doesn't mean that we stopped using EMF remediation at home. Wired computers and phones, no wifi (only enabled for downloading), Xbox unplugged (not just turned off) when not using, circuits off in bedrooms at night (it's fun reading with a flashlight or Kindle!), a full complement of Stetzer filters throughout the house (this step improved my tinnitus immensely).

We use DE (diatomaceous earth) as our binder because I didn't like the amount of aluminum found in zeolite and I wasn't sure we weren't dealing with leaky gut.

Don't overdo the cilantro. Too much can cause yeast to proliferate in the gut as a protective mechanism (it sequesters metals) against higher amounts of metal being dumped into it. We use 4 drops 3x daily. 1 hour later I dose with 1/2 tbsp. of DE. Once a day I add 1/2 tbsp. of organic psyllium husk to the DE to keep everything moving on out. This is important because the metals will be resorbed back through the gut if they are not eliminated quickly.

I use this company for cilantro because her product is organic:

@MichealTampa - when I first started reading your posts on EMFs I frankly thought you were too far out there. You were right on the money! I now completely agree that heavy metal burden is the likely cause of EMF sensitivity. Thanks for heading me in the right direction.

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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Cilantro is not really a binder, it is a mobilizer. If you start taking the tincture without binding (cleaning) metals, you may collapse.

It is pretty strong. Dr. K. does not recommend cilantro at start, only after you cleaned the organs (he suggested chlorella, but I suppose you can try other options like MSM for example, that is very very strong too).

As for mold sensitivity and EMF sensitivity, I was thinking that, in my case, I got much better after using high frequencies, that helped my body detox.

I am pretty sure toxins were coming out because chlorella made symptoms vanish, on and on again.

Now I was again thinking about the problem (I had been so sensitive for so many years, since lyme, that means about 11 years now). I did so many chelation treatments.

How the heck just now, after high frequencies and a sort of roller coaster of detox reactions, non stop, 6 months, the sensitivity simply disappeared (I mean, not 100% but about 80%).

I can spend an hour on the phone, 2, 3, 4 hours in the computer, and I still feel a normal human being (not an allien, with a totally messed up autonomic nervous system, freezing, pain in the ears / skull... like it had always been before, 100 % of times I stayed a bit longer in contact with stronger EMR).

I suffered from candida for so long, about 3 decades. It has also been solved with high frequencies. I wonder if those frequencies didn't then solve the mold sensitivity too and that is why I got 'protected' from EMRS??

I mean, I'm still afraid of EMRs, but I don't really feel its effect so much.

My daughter does much less high frequencies than I do. She is still sensitive (tonight I forgot all wifis on, and I still slept well, but she didn't). She woke up many times and ended up off bed at 6.30 am. It's weekend, she usually sleeps longer.

What high frequencies also do, is that they sort of calm the ANS (autonomic nervous system). Not when you start using it, but with the months, when your body got used to the frequencies. It is clear that the ANS simply gets quieter, as we all almost fall asleep (or do fall asleep) after about 15 minutes doing high frequencies.

It's almost like a pull down (to sleep), kind of hard to resist falling asleep.

Dr. Flanagan did do a device to put people to sleep using exactly Tesla coils (like the device I'm using).

So, I wonder which mechanisms changed in my body, that made me very insensitive to EMRs. I know the cause of my improvement are high frequencies.

Maybe they just calm down the ANS?? As simple as that?

Or maybe not only that, because that effect of protection against EMRs came only about after 6 months on treatment (after loads of toxins left my body). So it could be a double knife treatment: both calming the ANS and detoxing the body (of heavy metals, or of mold toxins?).
Posted by rowingmom (Member # 41213) on :
Originally posted by Brussels:
Cilantro is not really a binder, it is a mobilizer. If you start taking the tincture without binding (cleaning) metals, you may collapse.

Yes, that's right. That's why I said cilantro and a binder, not cilantro as a binder. Also why I suggested low doses so not as to mobilize large amounts of metals at once.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Activated charcoal, taken 4 hours away from any other medication or supplements.

Vitamin C.

I am EMF sensitive, This sounds a bit ridiculous, but I spend as much time outdoors in the bush, standing or sitting beside a creek, or standing in the creek when it was warmer (loaded with bug spray...) as I can....

And I have a tendency to pick up quartz etc on these days out, and having the quartz in the house seems to reduce the effect emf has on me.

Sounds crazy, I know, but there are 32 wifi signals in my apartment, and I can't afford the EMF paint.

So I take what I can get, and it tends to be rocks from the river.

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