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Posted by WakeUp (Member # 9977) on :
Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up

Perhaps the biggest ongoing medical scandal of the past hundred years is the fact that it has been known since 1911 that Multiple Sclerosis is caused by a bacterium, and that the Big-Pharma-controlled medical-industrial complex covered this up in order to make money selling symptom relievers to MS patients. At the lower levels there is no cover-up at all, but simply human nature at work, as we wrote about here, to dispel the notion that we are "conspiracy theorists". Since 1911, overwhelmingly much medical research has been conducted where living Borrelia bacteria were found in the brains of people who were diagnosed with MS.

Time and time again. By at least a dozen medical researchers. In at least ten countries. Since 1911 -- the past one hundred years. Several older but also recent autopsy findings linked to in this article found that all deceased MS patients’ brains harbored living Lyme spirochetes. Even when tests, notorious for their large percentage of false negatives were used on living MS patients, staggeringly many tested positive for active Lyme borreliosis.

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Posted by Carmen (Member # 42391) on :
Not sure if all these links are still active...I find it interesting that if you do a search on MS you can find all kinds of articles for public display at no cost that tell you that MS is an autoimmune disorder. But if you wish to view the articles that demonstrate that MS is actually Lyme disease you have to pay a bunch of money to read them. Of course this equates to censorship and the manipulation of information. here is a link to the original article:

Here is a list of articles that this noble soul purchased then put into pdf form so that the eyes of the world could see.

This one includes ALS along with MS
Posted by WakeUp (Member # 9977) on :
These articles are amazingly priceless, Carmen-- I downloaded and saved them all before responding on this thread, and I would suggest anyone reading this thread to download these articles immediately before these links "disappear."

I personally know two people who were wrongly (and devastatingly) diagnosed with MS (costing one $100,000)-- which later turned out to be Lyme disease!!!!. My neighbor also has MS, but totally trusts her Yale doctors...

People need to just start suing doctors who misdiagnose.

Wow-- this conspiracy is just so mind bogglingly deep.

I wonder who is in charge of making sure that these articles are "paid" only?

Obviously the people who are in charge of what goes onto pubmed are directing this operation!!!!

So-- we need to know WHO is the editor in charge of pubmed, an then do a survey of his/her resume to see if he or she has intelligence community or EIS connections.

This is just really sickening... Its almost like the country is just devouring itself with greed.
Posted by WakeUp (Member # 9977) on :
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Thank you, I will come back and read this for my mom. I have long suspected it.

There is research to show connections between CPN, mycoplasma, and MS also if I remember correctly.

There are some doctors that treat MS patients by screening for those infections and using long term antibiotics Doxy, Zith, Flagyl.

My mom treated for over a year with Doxy and Zith. (Doc did not use Lyme doses). She saw many improvements. When respiratory symptoms cleared though, the doc stopped treatments.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
NO. Entirely different pathogen and response from certain gene types makes a huge difference:

"Studies have shown that there is a higher prevalence of certain genes in populations with higher rates of MS..."

Most likely viral trigger such as HHV4...EBV:

"EBV LMP1, a viral mimic of CD40..."

***CD40-CD40L (the binder) interaction is implicated in SEVERAL "autoimmune" diseases.***

= T cells interacting with/ signaling B cells...

(B cells make antibodies.)

Those proteins (CD40L is the binder) work like Velcro...

Very hard to counter, but...if you want to go the Chinese route:

The diseases share in common a vitamin D problem et al.

That's not to say they can't co-exist...and look to do so!

EBV "immortalizes" naïve B cells.

See also:

Re: ALS - read the last sentence.

Smoking pot puts ALS in remission (woman in Florida).

What is common?

CB2 receptor.

Remember our ineffective antibody to Bb's OspB...

"Two antibodies, *CB2* and H6831, were discovered to have a bactericidal effect on B. burgdorferi even in the absence of complementary immune cells." Wikipedia

Re: CB2 in AD:


This one works wonders: PPNQ328R79J9Q0

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Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Fascinating info everyone! I've also thought fibromyalgia is lyme as well.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Diagnosing fibromyalgia involves trigger/tender points and...

An interesting discovery was that the 19 locations identified as probable areas of pain did not include any joints as sites for pain. The list of somatic symptoms made no mention of joint pain nor problems having to do with joints.

In lyme, usually the joints hurt.

See my above post too - sorry it is long, but important info.
Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
Personally, I think the misdx goes both ways. I think there are people with ms or lupus who could have Lyme. But I also think, once you have a Lyme dx, that can cover up thoughts to look further. I think it comes down to medicine is not a science. I think the best you can do is find a dr who's intuitive, that you really trust. Sadley, Those are far and few between.

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