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Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
I had a CT scan today. A hematologist ordered one because of my symptoms.

I am wiped out. I feel like death now. I've been drinking water. My brain isn't firing right. I am totally screwed up.

Is this normal? This is my first CT. Has anyone else had this happen? I really feel like death.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
So was it with contrast?
Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
Yes. It was with the gross drink and the iv.
Posted by SickSam (Member # 45330) on :
I haven't had the "drink" contrast in about 10 years (before I had Lyme), but I've had several with IV contrast over the past year. I usually actually feel better afterwards instead of worse.
Posted by jarjar (Member # 8847) on :
Sounds like Bart is really flaring. I remember you were looking for A Bart.
Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
Yes, I am definitely looking for Abart. Still no way of getting it without a doc. I didn't find the herb to be very dangerous, just a gradual release fo symptoms.

I have the Buhner Bart Herbs but I am scared to herx. Last time I started them I went over the edge.

But as for the contrast stuff, I felt like death after I finally ate something and went to sleep with a backache. I am still wiped out today.
Posted by lymenotlite (Member # 33166) on :
I had a CT scan with contrast a couple of weeks ago and did not feel well for a couple of days. When I asked whether there would be a follow up scan later, the NP said they want to limit radiation exposure.
Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
Lymenotlite, can I ask what the scan was for?

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