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Posted by lymewreck36 (Member # 4395) on :
2 infusions in, 60grams each infusion, and I feel horrible, like usual. Infusion time for each one was four hours. The second time I got the rigors. What. Length of time should 60 grams take?
Posted by Notti (Member # 43843) on :
It depends on the brand. Which brand are you using?

In general: if you don't feel well, go slower.
Posted by susank (Member # 22150) on :
What is your DX to get IVIG?

That seems like a high dose - though there are folks who infuse that much.

60 grams over 4 hours - I say - way too fast.

Was this done in a clinic or at your home?

If you feel that bad IMHO you got too much too fast. I assume those infusions not two days in a row? More like three to four weeks apart?

Did you get a 10% product like Gammagard or Gamunex? 10 grams = 100 ml's?

I'd be thinking max 100 ml/hour if that much.

Perhaps split the dose and be infused slower?

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