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Posted by Kudzuslipper (Member # 31915) on :
about half way through this fascinating article, the miracle drug that stalls this rapidly progressing disease is Doxycycline. Makes you wonder about lyme or other un-named bacteria.
Posted by Marz (Member # 3446) on :
I don't think my insomnia is familial cuz don't have any relatives who had insomnia. Mine was definitely caused by lyme.

I have 3 months rx of doxy which I got last summer but didn't use cuz started herbs instead.

But I'm tempted to try it!!!

Has insomnia resolved for anyone on doxy?
Posted by gz (Member # 43818) on :
My insomnia got much, much better after the first couple months of doxy and tinidazole. Treating for parasites helped a lot too. My sleeping has continued to improve with treatment.
Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
I can see that if someone was put on Doxy their insomnia would go away because insomnia is one of the symptoms of.Lyme Borrelia and Bart. However, for those people who aren't on Doxy, Liquid Melatonin taken half an hour before bed, will give the person about three hours of good sleep.

Buhner says on Buhner Healing Lyme, that if you then wake up in the middle of the night, take more Liquid Melatonin and you won't feel groggy in the morning. (Not his exact words - you can look it up by googling "insomnia, melatonin, Buhner) And it works.

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