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Posted by NanceLynn (Member # 47321) on :
Short history and why I am asking about how to get the most out of my phone consultation.

1) My LLDO is out of state(S.CA): no funds for travel or appointment.

2) Only visit in 2014 was pivotal, but by no means complete - did receive Igenex positive (not CDC positive);

CD-57 was 33. Was Lyme TAP refunded, but no funds for co-infection testing.

3) I have an OB/GYN in NV who has agreed to co-manage my diagnosis since 2014, so I hope

after consult, the LLDO will update with him. That makes ther way for Medicaid meds to be available to me.

4)My disability case has been turned down 3 times, now gone to DC for Appeal in Sept. It is

prudent that I spend my gift $$ for at least a short outreach call to my original diagnosing

physician. But how much can really be covered in terms of forward progress with further diagnosis

and correct treatment protocol assigned?

How to Prepare by sending information?

What are the vital questions to ask?

What are your thoughts ... have you had this experience?

Thanks in advance for your input!
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
First, you have a positive Lyme test. Do you think you have any co-infections, as in do you match symptoms for any of the common ones? If so, you would need to have a clinical treatment discussion with the doctor about that situation.

When I first started with my doctor, he ordered a blood panel of all kinds of blood markers he wanted to see as part of the initial assessment. Have you had such a diagnostic blood test done yet?

This includes tests like for thyroid hormones, inflammatory markers, Vit D level, etc.

Ask how the doctor proposes to do treatment, and what it will be like for you to do it. I always think it's a good idea for you to test anything as a very small dosage initially, to make sure you can tolerate it.

Lyme treatment falls in three categories, if you are a chronic Lyme patient - kill/deter the organisms, detox, and fortify the body. So you want a discussion about all three areas.

I think it's best when you hear a variety of options and you also participate in the decision-making of what you want to try.

Discuss how the doctor expects to co-manage with your other doctor.

Also I would want to know the doctor's/staff's availability should you have questions as you start protocols. Best if they accept calls and will get back to you on a timely basis.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Making the most of your LLMD visit
Posted by Judie (Member # 38323) on :
Do you have an attorney for you disability claim?

They can help a lot.

For your other question. With this and the other link, you'll be set:

How To Prepare For Your First LLMD or LLND Appointment: Advice For Getting The Most From Your Consultation
Posted by NanceLynn (Member # 47321) on :
Thank you all ... Im gunna wrap my brain around all this input ... will likely have a few clarifications and questions.

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