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Posted by MamaDee (Member # 47854) on :
Hi everyone. I havent been back here in several years as I kind of gave up on curing my Lyme but ...I think I have enough energy to give it one more shot. So thanks for any suggestions you have for a 30 year Lyme sufferer.

I have all of these lumps on my body. My forearms are loaded but they are on my sides too. My regular Doc says they are most likely fat globules. Just wondering if anyone has them and if they have been told they were Lyme disease related.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Hi, Diane.

Welcome. Many have had lyme for decades before either finally getting it diagnosed - or being able to address it. You are far from alone.

And, lyme can contribute to increase in adipose tissue (fat). I prefer to call it adipose as that does not carry the emotional hit the other term has. It is what it is. Yeah, but it's also much more.

The book POTBELLY SYNDROME details some lyme patients who gained quite a lot for no apparent reason - other than having lyme / TBD (tick borne disease).

must stop that line of thinking as I'm sinking now. on to more details:

these lumps, do they have definitions? can you feel as if they are water balls with an outer boundary to them?

Sensation? any at all? Either radiating from or when you gently massage?

Yes, though, lumps are rather common and often resolve with good treatment for lyme. Bartonella might also be considered.

Do you have foot pain or swelling?

other considerations: adrenal / endocrine issues . . . LYMPH stagnation -- and more that often go along with TBD.

Since your forearms are "loaded" as you say, this has me thinking it's far more than from dietary issues. I think your PCP is stuck in an attitude and is no really very enlightened about all the different kinds of adipose tissue and causes.

If you massage at all, tenderly. Do not force pressure on these until further evaluation.

Lymphatic massage, though, is very gentle. If you do that, though, liver & kidney supports must be in place days prior.

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Find a lymphatic system diagram and see if these follow that "highway"
Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
On the symptom list that I have, "nodules under the skin" and/or "granumlomas or balls of tissue" are listed under Bartonella Symptoms."
Posted by MamaDee (Member # 47854) on :
Wow. ok thank you for answering !!! Yes they have definitions and they do not seem to be really connected to anything as I can move them around a little.

I have a couple that hurt allot when I press on them but the majority do not hurt. They do feel like they are liquid filled or jelly filled. Not hard at all but the size of a dime or so. some a little bigger, some a little smaller.

I too have had a huge weight gain that is unexplained as im not a big eater. It started right after i believe i contracted the lyme. when i was 34. Im now 63.

I even had a gastric bypass surgery and while initially I lost a lot of came right back and i was eating VERY little so it has been a depressing situation in that regard.

I was taken by ambulance the the ER on Sunday due to horrible pain, worse than i normally have though I have had pain every day for almost 30 years but this was way worse.

It was expected gastric intestinal bug but i really felt like i was dying and I couldn't take my pain meds because i couldn't keep anything down. I dont know if it was Lyme related or not.

I have 90% of the Lyme symptoms. have from the beginning and i have been to so many doctors some telling my I needed a psychiatrist.

I found a LLD about 20 years in and was on 2.5 years of steady, heavy antibiotic and i felt pretty good for about 2 years and then it all started back with a vengeance.

So I am thinking i will try to search out help one more time since i made it through Sundays ordeal. but im so tired. tired of trying.

Im sure I am not alone. Lyme is a horrible, vicious disease as you are well aware.

it isnt easy to convince others of that so i spent many years not talking about it. My husband is finally taking an interest in getting help for me so that is why im willing to seek help. Otherwise I could just go to bed and stay there.

Thanks again for the information. I am thinking of trying Dr. M in Florida. Do you have any experienc

e with that clinic? thanks again for answering. anything you have to offer in terms of info and opinion are totally welcomed!


(breaking up the post for easier reading for many, also deleted name of doctor and discussion, per Lymenet Terms and Conditions - please pm this poster if you have information/want to discuss)

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Posted by MamaDee (Member # 47854) on :
Oh, and yes i do have sharp foot pain but not swelling.
Posted by MamaDee (Member # 47854) on :
Thank you too Tulips. The LLD i saw was quite certain that I had the Bartonella too. I didnt have the lumps then but other symptoms and the length of time i have been infected led him to that.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
MamaDee, you are describing a lipoma, or a fatty lump under the skin.
This happens when the body is out of balance.

Some people have been able to dissolve their lipomas by taking fish oil orally.
You can also apply castor oil directly to the lumps several times daily, which may be a nuisance when you have so many.

Google lipoma or lipoma fish oil to find more info.

Regarding treatment for pain symptoms, look into Berberine, Wobenzym, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy).
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Hi - some people with lipomas, including myself, are able to melt them away by doing something that was recommended to us by an endocrinologist-researcher.

She suggested we try drinking noni juice and taking grapeseed extract capsules, both anti-inflammatories.

I felt I had nothing to lose except the lipomas, so I tried it, and within around a month's time, the lumps were definitely down. If I stopped the noni and grapeseed extract, the lumps came back.

So there's a simple suggestion for you to try if you'd like to.
Posted by MamaDee (Member # 47854) on :
Thanks to all 4 of you for your input [Smile] Sorry I named dropped. WIll be more aware of that in the future. I just started Artic Ruby Oil. Maybe that will make a difference. I was freaking out the other night thinking these were all full of little ticks [Frown] thats the kind of nightmares I get sometimes [Frown] GAHH
Posted by Susanhurts (Member # 45676) on :
Hi. Boy do I have these lumps and they came on very fast because I developed high cortisol while I had an untreated Bartonella infection. They DO follow lymph...of course lymph is everywhere. They are worse on the right as far as PT says that is because the right arm etc drains the whole body, whereas the left does the heart. I have not started treating the Bart, yet. He wants me to be a bit stronger. My LLMD feels it is Bart all the way....Has anyone had their lumps go away with Bart treatment? Thank you

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