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Posted by me (Member # 45475) on :
I'm on A LOT of meds and am wondering how much of my symptoms are Lyme and cos and how much are my meds? I've been able to ween off of some non-Lyme meds since I've started treatment, but I can't get off any of the others right now.

Any thoughts on how to tell how much of my symptoms are Lyme vs. meds??
Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
Maybe you can gather some of the symptom checklists and look up your symptoms on them. Under the Burrascano Guidelines, there is a symptom list and there Is Dr. S's Checklist for Lyme, Borrelia and Bart available for downloading.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
Is it side effect? Residual damage.....whats your muscle testing say?..your body cant lie unless its full of bugs...
Posted by Judie (Member # 38323) on :
What medications are you on?

What are your symptoms?

I had several adverse drug reactions and had to substitute out a lot of antibiotics for different ones.

My big lesson was don't mistake an adverse drug reaction for a herx. Even the LLMD didn't know the dangers of fluoroquinolones and just thought it was a herx.
Posted by me (Member # 45475) on :
My symptoms are typical of Lyme and cos. My worst complaint is the debilitating sick-fatigue feeling, which can be caused by most of my meds and Lyme and cos.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
Me -What is your detoxing like? you have mtfhr? you have a good art tester or kinesiologist ? Canbyou take a breather ?are you on herbs ..ginger peppermint may help with nausea
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

LIVER & KIDNEY SUPPORT & and several HERXHEIMER support links, too.
Posted by WPinVA (Member # 33581) on :
Saw your post above re glutathione.

Can you rotate off each med for a little while in a systematic way and log how you feel?
Posted by me (Member # 45475) on :
I am trying the pushes at night now rather than in the morning. Thus far, I've had increased energy.

Thank you all for your input--very helpful!!!

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