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Posted by WPinVA (Member # 33581) on :
Does anyone know what the treatment guidelines are for treating Lyme disease in dogs? Are there any?

Also, how to find a vet who will actually treat Lyme disease appropriately?

Trying to help a friend with a sick dog who is getting the runaround from her vet. "The test is negative for Lyme, it just shows past exposure," go see an orthopedist, neurologist, etc.

Posted by WPinVA (Member # 33581) on :
in case anyone else is looking for info on this --
Posted by terv (Member # 29410) on :
Where in va is the dog located?
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
If the dog has neuro symptoms you may want to have it checked for Bartonella. More dogs are testing positive than cats. I've seen dogs with bad neuro symptoms get better o doxy.
Posted by desertwind (Member # 25256) on :
My dog is treated for chronic lyme - yes our vet is lyme literate and had been part of ongoing research at Cornell U. We now pulse Doxy 10 days a month.

For new Lyme infections we treat with 400 mg Doxy/ day for 6 weeks then go back to pulsing.

For Anaplasmosis (which she currently has) she gets 500 mg Doxy/day for 6 weeks. She is a 58 lb Golden Retriever.
Posted by WPinVA (Member # 33581) on :
Well, you won't believe this. It actually wasn't Lyme. My friend took the dog to a second vet, who found scabs and an abscess on the dog's paw - the very same paw the dog wouldn't walk on.

So this was crappy-vet-itis, not actually Lyme.

Thanks to everyone who helped!
Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
The link to Dr. J's site is a great find. I hope that Tincup will put that on her websites, if she already hasn't. Especially for the sad day when he can no longer practice, which is too awful to contemplate.

PS I see that this link is to her website!! Once again, how the heck do you do it all, TC??!! We have some saints in our midst, and she is sure one of them. Along with Keebler, Lymetoo, and man, many more (oh, yeah, TF, Six, and on and on).
Posted by ohioperson22 (Member # 47837) on :
Doxy alone works for canine babesiosis, so I wonder why it doesn't work for human?

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