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Posted by TexasBartonella (Member # 47977) on :
Hi guys how many capsules per day is recommended for strong anti biofilm action with Interfase Plus? I dont want to overdo it because of the EDTA, afraid it will chelate out too many important minerals...

I'm starting treatment soon for bartonella, ehrlichia etc. I was thinking 2 capsules before bed on an empty stomach? I don't really herx and I've taken 4 capsules at once before and never herxed. Or should I go higher of a dose than just 2 per day? Thoughts? Thanks!
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
Do you mean that you have taken 4 interphase Plus before?

If you were referring to something else, then I would still start with one per day, either at bedtime or 30 mins before evening meal (which is what I did). You can then move to two if you get no adverse reactions.
Posted by ohioperson22 (Member # 47837) on :
Please be careful with EDTA. You are right; it can chelate the important minerals too.
Posted by NotQuiteAntonio (Member # 47277) on :
What would you guys do, if you felt that it were chelating too many necessary minerals? I mean, to "remineralize."

This is suggested when using infrared saunas at length. It's said you sweat a lot of good stuff out of you, along with the toxins.
Posted by ohioperson22 (Member # 47837) on :
EDTA can bind calcium, causing life-threatening hypocalcaemia, and subsequent cardiac arrest.

For that reason, chelation therapy should be done under medical supervision.
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
NotquiteAntonio, I take an organic concentrated mineral blend in liquid form to help absorption.

You can also bathe in Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts etc so that minerals are absorbed topically.

I also take a lot of magnesium orally, mainly the Jigsaw Health magnesium, which is a sustained release form of magnesium malare, but also magnesium glycinate.

Edible clays are another possibility.

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