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Posted by HW88 (Member # 48309) on :
Soo, I have an on and off again yeast infection. I'm sure candida.

Mouth is usually fine, but down under... not so much.

I'm starting to learn about the candida diet... all on my own, why don't dr.'s tell us these things?

Anyone know of good things for yeast infections?
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Start by trying the over-the-counter vaginal yeast treatments. They are generally creams that you insert.

I am allergic to all of them, so when I get this, I have to call my gyn for a prescription for Diflucan. One pill takes care of it.

Once you get on the anti-yeast diet, hopefully this will no longer happen.
Posted by HW88 (Member # 48309) on :
ya, I've been doing the OTC. some work better than others! [Wink]

thank you.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
They do make a nystatin cream . Coconut oil is antifungal
Posted by HW88 (Member # 48309) on :
blue, I tried making coconut oil/tea tree things. It helped a bit.

I'll look into nystatin cream.
Posted by Bam (Member # 47540) on :
Plain kefir or yogurt douche works really well. I've read that you can insert a probiotic capsule but have never tried it.
Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
I'm sure some of the above will work. In my case, after using an OTC and curing the infection, to prevent future infections, I'd have to cut out sugar for a while.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
What helped me: A very specific brand of Olive Leaf extract (or a brand that uses the same methods of growing, harvesting, processing) - Seagate. Detail:

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