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Posted by onebeed (Member # 46620) on :
I was wondering if anyone has experienced adverse effects after taking a mega dose of DMSA for a provocation test for heavy metals? I have another thread starting about my sulfur intolerance and am wondering if this was caused by that 900 mg dose of DMSA I took for that test.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Did you take this DMSA mega dose?

I'm not sure how normal people react to chelators, but I am one that reacts EXCESSIVELY to even the tiniest doses of MANY chelators.

My first bad experience was with a tiny spoon of a product with EDTA and alpha lipoic acid long ago (part of Dr. K's protocol, in a product called Phospholipid Extract), and I really felt like dying.

Later, with experience, with the years trying to chelate heavy metals, I learned that I simply cannot stand any 'normal' dose of chelators, when they work.

Some products do nothing for me, at certain times. Zero. But when they do, I over react to all chelators. If that makes sense...

I don't know how drs give mega doses of chelators to people just to check their urine to see if they have heavy metals...

Having these heavy metals loosened up in the body without proper binders in great amounts looks to me almost criminal, I have to say.

But many people do not react as much as I do.
But if they do, it feels criminal to me.

After those awful heart reactions (palpitations, sudden rise in blood pressure), anxiety to the top, breathing problems, extreme fatigue, extreme fog, ...

..the gut gets a total mess, pain in the stomach, diarrhea etc, then comes the final prize: rise in gut infections such as candida. This candida can go everywhere in the body.

That alone can be responsible for increasing food allergies or other allergies.

But maybe not everyone reacts as badly as I did. As I DO, still today. I've seen that so many times, that I know the sequence of events almost (until the candida!).

Now I do it with a lot of care, in the tiniest amounts normal people would laugh at.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
Have you called the doctor who prescribed it and asked what to do?

I had a bad reaction to DMSA. Diarrhea and palpitations along with fatigue.

Later found out sulfur was an issue. Heavy metals were a problem too but not off the charts.

If I were in your shoes I would take a product called sparga and molybdenum to deal with the sulfur. Then figure out what you need if anything to ease a heavy metal issue. I would be very careful to get expert advice on the heavy metal issue because you can make the problem worse if you are not careful.

Posted by onebeed (Member # 46620) on :
Yes, unfortunately, I did take that huge dose of DMSA. It was prescribed by my LLMD for the heavy metals urine challenge test. I didn't know any better. It didn't seem to affect me at the time immediately after, but now I am wondering if it damaged me in some way. I am not going to take any more chelators until I can figure this out. I did ask my LLMD about it. He said he had never heard of anyone reacting to the DMSA dose and referred me to an allergy doctor.

I have been using the molybdenum and it hasn't made one bit of difference.
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
I took that dose for the test without problem, but when I actually began the protocol of alternating DMSA and EdTA suppositories, each 3 days on, 11 days off, I soon started to react very badly to the DMSA, even in very small doses and had to stop using it.

Perhaps the big dose can sensitise you.....I have often wondered why I tolerated the large dose if I was going to have such unpleasant reactions later.

By the way, I seemed to tolerate the EDTA suppositories OK.
Posted by onebeed (Member # 46620) on :
I am avoiding EDTA because I had allergy testing by a dermatologist and found I am allergic to ethylene diamine which is the substance in EDTA. So I am afraid to use anything EDTA. Yeah, I am wondering about that big dose, that it did something.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
After years trying to tackle this heavy metal problem, I know that even healthy people can react badly to chelators.

It feels like a bad herx.

Have you already asked why so many people here with chronic lyme have so many allergies?

Of intolerance to many sorts of products or good food that in fact, should clean or nourish the body and make them feel better?

I have no doubt that lyme, herxes, infections make the body overwhelmed with toxins (die off debris, die off neuro toxins).

Some drs even think this is THE MAIN gun of Bb (and other pathogens) to doom the immune system of the victim.

They doom our immune systems by the presence of neuro-toxins when they die (they die not only with our killers, but on their own, as part of their life cycle too), and that is why, I think, we all get allergies.

Allergies appear due to a faulty immune system. Lyme is also there because of a faulty immunity. Like candida.

I have been bitten so many times by infected ticks, and for me it is so clear that when lyme is activated again, my food allergies rise.

That may be any type of food. It varies from infection to infection.

It happened to my daughter too, during her lyme, her relapses, her new re-infections.

It's just a matter of time: in weeks, or couple of months, I'll get more trouble to find foods to eat. And she too.

We also get sensitive to chemical products, to mold, to other allergens (not food only).

Every time my lyme got dormant, my food allergies stop to increase. It takes some time for them to sort of de-activate, but sensitivities will eventually get weaker. Until they are totally gone.

Not all disappear though, but it is MUCH better than having new allergies every week, or every month during active lyme.

Adding abx, destroying good gut bacteria, taking too many drugs, eating badly, taking chelators without proper binders, will probably worsen the problem.

But it is not due to one single reason, in my opinion.

Allergies in general is a generalized problem with all chronic lyme sufferers.

Sulphur is a binder. As chlorella is a binder.

I've seen people reacting extremely well to chlorella, then suddenly get such a violent reaction to it, then not being able anymore to take it any longer.

My naturopath thinks that the more toxic a person is, the more they may react violently to binders such as chlorella and MSM (sulphur) and become 'allergic' or intolerant to these binders.

That's her opinion. I'm not sure she's right though...

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