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Posted by dan67 (Member # 20344) on :
So, I've read many past Lymenet posts and apparently slight itching and minor rashes are common with Mepron. I'm not going to worry about this happening.

But mepron gives me liver pain, even with normal liver enzymes. Is this normal? What's weird is I've taken it in the past with no liver pain. Why now? It's a very small dose too, 1/4 teaspoon per day.

just wondering... has Babesia ever given people liver pain, or a Babesia herx?

Maybe the reason my mepron use this time, not past times, is causing liver pain, is that I have more active Babesia in my body perhaps... I am having a flareup.

Comments welcome please.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I don't know Mepron, sorry, but I know what liver pains are... I had that during lyme, and even after lyme was gone.

For me, it had to do with a blocked bile, or high liver enzymes, and herxes or toxins made the pain much worse. Babesia was for me, the worst lyme infection to kill, as it caused me awful herxes.

I think the liver gets tired after years of infections, toxins, and then it sort of starts presenting symptoms.

Liver and gall bladder problems are extremely common during lyme. Just read this forum to check. Everyone has toxicity problems during chronic infections.

I had to take many bitter herbs for the liver, use infra red, take loads of chlorella, just to survive and keep going. When lyme finished, I still had some liver problems while fighting chronic candida.

Recently, I had discovered that high frequencies (high voltage devices) such as the violet ray or PEMF devices treat well the liver. At least mine, it has never been so light. At least, no more liver pain for more than a year, a real record in my case.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

LIVER & KIDNEY SUPPORT & and several HERXHEIMER support links, too.
Posted by dan67 (Member # 20344) on :
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Dan, do you take liver support supplements (milk thistle, bitter herbs...?)

What really eased my liver was that cheap violet ray device. Ever since, I'm not afraid of dying of cirrhosis or something like that.

My liver had been in bad shape since lyme. Even after lyme, it was never the same. I hit 48 years old, thought my liver was becoming the worst part of my body. It felt stuck, heavy, some dull pain.

For years. Then by chance, I tried the violet ray and I swear my pains are all gone, that heavy stuck feeling.

I listen to the liquids moving from gall bladder up to the liver, I can see the movement of my organs still while doing the violet ray treatment.

If you have wormwood, I feel it supports the liver (I do tea, it's awfully bitter, but I don't care...). It also supports my digestion, somehow.

Now my attention is not anymore too concentrated on my liver any longer, but back to the gut, trying to fix allergies and candida. I hope more people answer you here..
Posted by Clint31 (Member # 16420) on :
My liver really hurts. Feels ruined.

I have fatty liver. I think Lyme and treatment since 2008 or whatever have ruined it, it will never be the same. It hurts and aches and burns every single day of my life
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Try coffee enemas. They work!
Posted by ilovedogs (Member # 48866) on :
Castor oil packs on your liver can help too!
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Yep, I heard about castor pack oils and coffee enemas. Very good, not harmful procedures.

My lyme dr. recommends the coffee enema, but I swear it is MUCH easier to do simply the violet ray for 20 minutes on the liver, while you read a book or watch TV.

You don't lose a whole morning or afternoon as with the enemas.

I also heard that too often enemas is not a good idea.

The violet ray, you can use it every day.

There is a stronger device from an Ukrainian company, just a bit more expensive than the cheap Chinese blue box model on amazon / ebay (on the 80 dollars or so).

I heard it's better built. When my Chinese models break, I'll buy one.

More 'modern' devices are the PEMF devices, LOADS in the market. I don't know how effective they are for the liver specifically.

Castor oil packs also take some time to do. But it is even more gentle than the enemas.

Another advantage of the violet ray is that it's portable, I carry it everywhere I go.

If I eat too much, too oily, too junky during a trip, I can just use it and I feel fine.

I know that gluten somehow messes with my liver. Since I stopped gluten, things go much easier (less violet ray sessions, I mean).

After I started taking the device everywhere I go, I became able to enjoy longer trips away (more than a week).

Before that, eating 3 days on a row in restaurants ruined my vacations.

I always try to choose good restaurants, but it's not always organic, not as fresh as eating home. I felt slowly like being poisoned, and felt like going home to cook my own food!!

I felt miserable, tired, weaker, liver pains, felt like going back home to thrive on raw veggies, organic fruits and my own cooking...

If I start to feel a bit some heaviness in the liver area and gall bladder, I do a 20 minute violet ray session, and the feeling is gone (about 95% gone immediately).

I do that literally anywhere I go (hotels, friends' houses...).

I don't know if this device works for every body, but it has been a god sent device for me. The only one I carry around for vacations.

The only problem is that, the first time you use it, you got to start VERY SLOW. Just one minute. And the toxins may be come out in a flush, and you may feel miserable, before feeling better.

it took me about 2,3 months to be able to use it longer.

Now I can use it for an hour, I keep shifting it from organ to organ (gut, pancreas, thyroid, teeth, liver, gall bladder, bladder, kidney, uterus, spine...).

It is very relaxing, I think it helps me to calm down after taking too much coffee, for example.
Posted by dan67 (Member # 20344) on :
Brussells can you send a link to the more expesnive Ukrainian unit?
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
This is cheaper... Same device

Another model...

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