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Posted by ilovedogs (Member # 48866) on :
How did you all handle a relapse if you had one? Feeling really down and lonely right now. Thanks in advance
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I would use photons and nosodes. That is what I did in the last relapse I thought I was GOING to have, but it didn't come...

My daughter also, she almost had a relapse, and nosodes + photons stopped at that same day she got 1st symptoms back.

So I don't even call it a relapse, but without treatment, it would have been...

Sorry you're going through relapses. Before I knew photons, i treated my MANY relapses with Buhner herbs, Cowden herbs, Chinese herbs, microcurrent (like Rife), stuff like that...

Meaning, the same way we treat an active lyme infection. It is basically that: your immune system stopped being efficient to keep Bb dormant, so you got to re-start treatment.

Unless you have been recently bitten, there is no special treatment for relapses. Just do it fast, as fast as you can, before lyme takes too much advantage...

If you have been recently bitten, aggressive treatment is necessary (in my own experience). If it's just a relapse, I treated like I treated chronic lyme.

Same logic: killers, minerals to support the body, immuno modulators, binders, rest, etc...
Posted by ilovedogs (Member # 48866) on :
Thank you so much Brussels!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hey there!!

For sure, find a great LLMD and get the best treatment you can find. Maybe this time around you could even do herbs or Rife?

Hope you can find the answer for yourself! [Smile]
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I agree with Tutu!

Just try some herbs and whatever you think may work, while you wait to get professional help.

Just don't let it totally untreated. At least, in my case (and daughter's), we fell down fast every relapse.

If we treated fast, it took longer for lyme to win grounds. I loved Buhner herbs (and some of Cowden and Chinese): in combination, they really helped us to resist that down curve of relapses.

Even stuff like frozen garlic can be helpful.

At least, it's all natural, it helps also with some cleaning (due to sulfur content).

Also astragalus, cats claw or Siberian ginseng (after Buhner).
Posted by ilovedogs (Member # 48866) on :
Thank you. Started with A-bart again. Herx on one drop. ugh!

But at least I'm doing something right?!

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