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Posted by CTguywithLyme (Member # 48869) on :
I've been working with a LLD for almost a year. Dr's got a great reputation.

In one visit we discussed sex, including that bacteria could be in semen, urine, and all body fluids. I've read studies about male-to-female transmission, but does anyone have info about male-to-male transmission?

Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
The principle is that a man can give his partner lyme more readily than a woman can.

That is because the man is giving the partner a lot more of his bodily fluids than is a woman.

The germs are in the various bodily fluids.

This is why a woman with lyme cannot breastfeed a baby unless she is on antibiotics (which will kill the germs in the breastmilk).

If you want statistics on sexual transmission, it is thought to be rare. But, I know one lyme doc who will not treat one partner without treating the other also.

In her experience, if she just treats one, they just keep passing the diseases back and forth between them. She has found lyme in "healthy" partners who accompany their spouse to the first lyme doctor appointment.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Several couples have found that both partners have lyme. Sometimes, both have been bitten by ticks, etc. and it can also be that a chronic case just went undetected for some time. For some more detail, explore the tabs at these top sites:

BASICS - About

Founded in 1989, advocates nationally for quality accessible healthcare for patients with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. . . .

ILADS - International Lyme & Tick Borne Diseases Society

To me, the measure of a proper LLMD / LL ND begins with the manner of pursuit of knowledge evident with ILADS on-going education / conferences, etc.

About: Through Education, Awareness, and Action, ILADS promotes understanding of Lyme and its associated diseases and strongly supports physicians and other health care professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and its associated diseases.

The Lyme Disease Association (LDA), an organization which expanded its focus nationally 17 years ago, is dedicated to Lyme disease education, prevention, research funding, and patient support.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Topic: Depressing Questions - 01 December, 2015

Discusses issues of intimate relationships for those with lyme

NEWS - January 25, 2014: Recent study suggests that Lyme disease can be sexually transmitted

[Can't quite see my reason for this link here but the question must be addressed somewhere or I'd not have added it to my set here]. He has an excellent blog.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
A question of acquiring via blood / tissue transmission.

As lyme may be & other tick-borne infections [esp. babesia, bartonella] have been transmitted through blood / tissue donations, that is something for some to consider.

And moving along to another issue with this, it's best to not donate - and be sure that's on final wishes as well.

The blood organiziations do not screen for lyme though they may for babesia. If anyone has ever had babesia, they should not donate blood / tissue for life or after death.

The issue with lyme / other TBD are certainly not -- clear, adequately considered in this area.

Ideally, better tests would help with screening and also a way to work with / "treat" all donations for the safety of patients who receive any blood or tissue products for there are various chronic stealth infections of which many are unaware.

We are a very long way away from all the considerations here, though, since the top governmental medical groups are in such denial about lyme / TBD.
Posted by Horizon (Member # 50800) on :
Do you guys think semen topically can transmit? Ie: someone ejaculating on you?
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
I'd say that is about as likely as someone getting pregnant from the same activity.
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
Originally posted by Horizon:
Do you guys think semen topically can transmit? Ie: someone ejaculating on you?

You can't even get HIV that way.
Posted by Horizon (Member # 50800) on :
That is true re: HIV but spirochetes drill their way in so not sure if it could be a different mechanism?

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