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Posted by annahochstetler (Member # 48794) on :
The Western Blot Test came back positive for Bands 18 and 41. He has been sick for a long time and for the past year has only been able to eat chicken - baked chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Every week he'll try a little bit of something different - a vegetable, rice, potato, etc and it makes him sick and his face will break out in a splotchy rash. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? And is this test POSITIVE for LYME? Thank you!

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Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
A lyme specialist would consider this evidence of lyme. Of course it is not enough for the CDC to consider it positive. (They want an overewhelming number of positive bands.) We just ignore them.

See what Burrascano says here:

"Western blots are reported by showing which bands are reactive. 41KD bands appear the earliest but can cross react with other spirochetes. The 18KD, 23-25KD (Osp C), 31KD (Osp A), 34KD (Osp B), 37KD, 39KD, 83KD and the 93KD bands are the species-specific ones, but appear later or may not appear at all. You should see at least the 41KD and one of the specific bands." (p. 7)

See what Dr. C. says here:

This is kept at the top of Medical Questions, under "Important Info on Lyme and Cos"

So, as you can see, bands 18 and 41 are enough for a lyme specialist to treat.

Regarding the food "allergies," this is rather common among lyme patients. It is called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. There are posts about it on LymeNet if you want to use the "search" function and find them.

Here is a link to what a lyme doc says about this:

Notice the patient comment at the bottom of the page: " My hyperactive food reactions to just about EVERYTHING (as well as mold) virtually stopped after adding the ginkgo and the B's. I mean ... IMMEDIATELY, within minutes ..."

And another by him:

Here is one LymeNet thread about it:

I am so happy that at least some doctors and some lyme doctors now know what this food sensitivity issue is and how to treat it. I have known folks that could only eat a very limited number of foods.

Hoping you now get this turned around rather quickly. If you want the info on the Maryland doctor who is writing about this, let me know. I highly recommend him for lyme and MCAS or MCAD treatment.

You would only have to travel here once every 3 months. He will do telephone or Skype appointments with you the other months.
Posted by Jordana (Member # 45305) on :
Since you're in Mississippi it might be Southern Lyme which comes from a Lone Star tick and sometimes carries different co-infections than the most famous ones from the east coast.

In Southern Lyme one pathology from a tickbite is alpha gal allergy, which doesn't always limit itself to red meat.You might try offering him VEGAN options which are processed in facilities that are nowhere near any kind of animal protein, incuding all dairy.

You can also try a low histamine diet since he's reacting to everything.

They say 41 is nonspecific but in other countries anyone who gets a 41 is considered a positive and will get treated. 18 is a Lyme specific band so I think an LLMD would say yes, it's positive.

He needs Lyme treatment. You might want to start Googling Dr C who had a very ill son and began treating Lyme in her pediatric practice because of it.

**edited name of LLMD .. please add state if known**

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
STARI ... is caused by the Lone Star tick.

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