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Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
I have always suffered severe herxhiemers weather on atbx of antifungals.

I can never get up to a good dose no matter how slow I go.

Im guessing Im just not eliminating toxins well.

Ive decided to ramp up my detox protocol.

Any input on supplements or doses would be welcome.

Heres my plan.
NAC -600-1800 mg
Alpha lipoid acid
Vitamin C 1-5 grams
Molybdeneum 150 -300 mcg
Activated charcoal away from other supplements,1-2 a day
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I would take off alpha lipoic at first (it mobilizes quite a lot, and it crosses the blood brain barrier, if my memory is good).

It's a no-no for the starting of detoxification (or you risk having more toxins in the brain than out).

Wait a bit to include it.

My favorite binders were: chlorella in big amounts, all the time with bear garlic tincture.

Chlorella binds dozens of heavy metals, and neuro toxins from die-off. It works well for lyme and candida.

Bear garlic tincture is good for the kidney. You can also try sencha green tea (I do think it helps kidneys too).

You can also try: MSM in powder. Very powerful binder.

All of these cleaning stuff must be taken a few times a day (let's say, minimum 3x day), so that you feel something... I'm herxing at the moment from candida, and today I took chlorella with bear garlic 5x! I may need one more dose before bed.

Liver supplements: a must.

magnesium malate, citrate or other good magn.

Then lots of good oils (olive oil, oily foods, but not fried, nuts, avocado, quark cheese...).

Many toxins are soluble in oils, not in water, that is why.

I also rub any oil (organic) on the skin, specially abdomen, neck, upper part of shoulder, buttocks, face. It feels very relaxing.

I think our toxic bodies scream for oils (at least, that is what I feel when I'm herxing), but my liver is usually too sick to process oils.

So rubbing helps as it skips the liver.

foot baths with very hot water and good salts (high concentration). You let them for more than 30 minutes, keep adding hot water, and you see how 'slimy' the skin gets: full of oils, being pulled off the body.

In infrared saunas (FIR or similar), your body also gets oily. I think that is one of the ways the body finds to pull off some toxins (through oils).
Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
Thanks brussels

I have chlorella but haven't tried it yet.

I will hold off on the alpha lipoic.

I do get plenty of olive oil and oil from nuts,yet my skin is as dry as a bone.

Tired of the brutal herxing no matter how slow I go.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
Sparga is a asparugus tincture ...i agree with brussels on clorella ...also consider bentonite acv baths ...and activated charcoal
Posted by ilovedogs (Member # 48866) on :
I dont know if this will help you but I herx awfully on antifungals too.

I'm supposed to be taking 6 nystatin pills a day. Yeah right!! So I started with one and did it for a week. Awful herxing. Did epsom salt baths every night. Each week I have increased by one pill.

I'm now up to 3 perday and doing ok.

Just a thought for you-i'm also detoxing liver, etc but the slow method seems to be working for me.
Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
thank you bluelyme

Thanks ilovedogs,I also am suppose to be taking 6 nystatin but can only tolerate a half to one pill a day right now.

Sounds like you are on your way,hopefully me too soon.
Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
ilovedogs may i ask you what your carbohydrate intake is?

Strct,moderate,no diet at all?

Thanks you

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