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Posted by Neko (Member # 46592) on :
So I've been through the ringer with tummy trouble.

For the past 6 months it's been getting worse. I've tried many remedies:

Pancreatin/ox bile
parasite treatment ( I was positive for two types)
Lifted front bed a few inches
Drank ginger tea, aloe Vera.

I then tried 8 weeks of proton pump inhibitors.

Its been about two weeks without them and my stomach is on fire. Pain, burning, bloating...shortly after eating and at night.

Been tested for h pylori. Next step is endoscope, I'm afraid its ulcers. Its so painful my life is getting impacted, before the rx for acid blockers I lost 15 lbs from stress and then the fear of eating from the pain.

Anyone with Lyme develop ulcers? I've been having gut issues for awhile and stressed out, so an ulcer wouldn't surprise me. That its not healing worries me.

I've worked so hard to be so in pain again. Think I'm
Also starting a lyme relapse..,terrible brain fog..,worried about my ability to drive.

Really freaked out and bummed about my tummy troubles.

I don't want to be sick anymore. Its been 3 years. 😭
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :

So sorry you are in pain. Hope you get some relief soon.

I am not a doctor, but I've found that in the case of stomach pain, it might be worth the effort to try a few doses, as prescribed on the label with a big glass of water, of Pepto Bismal.

The bismuth is reported to be able to kill spirochetes and as simple as it sounds it has worked miracles for me and others over the years.

And I use it so little- a few doses does it- that the product- a small bottle- typically expires before I have to use it again.

For under $10 it might just help and would save you from having to get into a lot more other things.

If it doesn't work, be sure to get checked out by a health care professional. OK?

Oh, and you ARE taking all of your meds on a FULL belly? If not, you should try it.
Posted by Jordana (Member # 45305) on :
I had/have on and off stomach trouble since the beginning; all you mention plus endless diarrhea to the point I just had to stay near my bathroom pretty much all day.

What made it better was a prescription for colestipol for bile reflux. Your liver and gallbladder can have dysmotility too and in that case no stomach remedy is going to fix it, you need to bind and remove bile acids.

I just lucked into the colestipol. They told me it had nothing to do with my stomach symptoms but it for sure did.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
You can't just stop taking PPI's .. the acid will rebound and be worse than before.

You may be able to wean from them once you get things under control... that said... I have NOT been successful with this.
Posted by Neko (Member # 46592) on :
Good news is I am getting an endoscope next week. Will be able to see if I have ulcers at least!

Going to get results for the test before I troubleshoot anymore remedies. I do have done pepto in the closest.

Was told some baking Soda and water can neutralize acid. Seems it hurts regardless of what I eat, spicey, dairy, gluten freee then dairy free. Bland chicken and rice it still hurts.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
So you are not taking any PPI's right now?
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Hi, I also am dealing with awful stomach problems.

When I have had my endoscopy found ulcers, erosions. also have Barrett DIsease which gives me 70% chance of getting esophageal cancer, UGH.

Last endo doc said looked better & my stomach worse then ever & losing weight not trying.

I am now getting a full abdominal ultra sound of gall bladder, liver etc. Any of those organs in area of stomach can cause some major pains.

You may want to try that after your endo.

Hugggsss, to all in Need...

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