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Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< LymeNet Family and Researchers >>>>>,

Hi, I think this pain, is digestion related, I take Probiotics and digestives,and have been getting bad chest pressure, tightness and pain.

Some of it is relieved when I suddenly burp, but I try to be careful what and how I eat, and when.

I am finding Alka-Seltzer helpful,if it gets really bad. I also take low dose Aspirin, and have a 'severe' Aortic calcium build up issue. The flu of,course isn't helping...

We are on a very tight financial budget. we got blessed w/ some products and supplements recently so that helps a little.

I've about had it with Drs.,any ideas, of simple things I might do to keep this all calmed down at home?

Thanks for any tho'ts and ideas you may post.

Jus' Silverwolfi
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Jus' me Silverwolfi here,

This flu or what ever it is has got to go...Away...Far...Away. Both TrekC' and I are worn out.

And sometimes I wonder if there isn't such a thing as flu induced... Tourettes Syndrome, or maybe its the temperature, spikes and drops...

Anyway, I can jabber my way hoarse, and about the oddest subjects sometimes.

As to this topic, thread, my chest is tightening up a bit again. Wish I didn't need to eat this evening. Hopefully it wont hurt too badly,and I can get it to settle down.

I had a friend with the Tourettes problem and I know it is no fun. Same with a young niece of ours. But it does seem like when I am battling a flu bug or just really tired I jabber.

Later, I'll ask TrekC if I mentioned something to him [ I have several times]. He also tells me, I stop sometimes in the middle of a sentence,just stop...not a brief pause,and I think I've been explaining whatever... right along.

Then I may talk non-stop for several minutes.It's worse when I am tired or sick.

I know I am starting to jabber better stop for now...

Jus' Silverwolfi here
Posted by Jordana (Member # 45305) on :
So stomach irritation can be a cause of nerve/brain irritation when you're making too many of the wrong transmitters in the gut - namely serotonin, which turns into quinolinic acid when there's too much of it or the conditions are right.

Coconut oil
Keto diet
cyproheptadine ( anithistamine that clears serotonin from the gut)
Chicken soup or other broth ( glycine)
I'd stop probiotics for a while if you're taking them and not on abx.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< Jordana >>>>>,

Hope you are feeling better, We are still fighting the flu-bug here.

I have actually been wondering,if the stomach/intestines part could be the 'Bells palsy of the Gut'. But the chest pain and pressure, has been going on for awhile.

Pretty careful about my probiotics[lower dose], but was told to stay on them for awhile because of the ABX. I'll be done with all that in a few more days.

We are both on reduced carb' diet here, it has helped with my weight.Chicken soup,we can make,and have been eating. I do have coconut oil,but haven't used it in a bit.

I drink some *coffee, and use coconut milk instead of cream. *It helps some when I'm too congested.

My puzzlement comes from the increase in the chest pain,even before the flu-bug hit. I think there is still a babesia problem as well. So that may contribute.

Other than the Aortic calcium issue, my scan [can't remember if this was MRI or CT,as I had a brain scan done end of last year too] didn't show anything significant. They did throat down thru guts,urinary, bowels with a barium type drink.

But it is something to check, if I get better once I don't have to use the ABX for awhile and go off the probiotics for a bit.

I am at a lower dose on most all my supplements,and recommended OTC's. PCP told me to stay on my sinus med' low dose.

Buhner protocol has been of help, but I cannot take the full dosages, I've tried to slowly ramp up,and my guts just wont take it.

Thanks for the input, I do hope things start getting better for us all,as the New year comes our way!

Jus' Silverwolfi here
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I would take probiotics on an empty stomach .. early morning or at bedtime. That is what I do.

Enzymes may include HCL or other irritants. I had to begin with one that does not have it. It was just too rough on my stomach.

Hope that helps. Maybe you can take 1/2 of the capsule of enzymes .. just dump some out. Having empty capsules around is sure handy sometimes.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< Lymetoo >>>>>,

Thanks for the tho'ts and ideas, I'll have to see if the enzymes have that HCL,and try the probiotic at bedtime. That may help.

I have a lot of supplements that look almost the same,and I set them out in I'll have to separate them better too.

I don't like taking even the low dose,of aspirin either,but sometimes it helps with the chest pain. I make sure,when I take it,that I take papaya enzyme, easier on my stomach.

I am allergic to a lot of things, so I hope I don't run into the salicylate problem. I'll double check my supplementsfor that HCL.

Hoping and praying y'all don't get this flu type bug that's going around.

Jus' Silverwolfi here

Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< Lymetoo,and LymeNet family >>>>>,

I checked on the supplements, and my probiotic and the digestves do not have the HCL in them.

However one of the two prescriptions I take does have HCL in it. Interesting it is a low dose, med for Sinus/and Urinary tract, 25 Mgs at night and I cannot take a full pill, I split them with a pill slicer.

I am taking less of the regular digestive a day now [all tho' I was using a low dose before. And will try the probiotic at night,for bit.

The Alka-Seltzer helps, but it is hard to get here. So I try not to use to much,unless I am really miserable.

My chest is some better today,altho' it still tightens up on me, I've been coughing a bit, too.

The sinuses are a mess [I'll leave it at that.],TrekC' said his sinuses are finally getting better,so hopefully Mine will calm down soon.

We are keeping up with our liquids, always important.Thanks for the info' and ideas from those who were able to answer. And if you have been praying for us,both TrekC' and I appreciate it greatly ,Thank You!

Jus' Silverwolfi here
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi there <<<<< LymeNet folk >>>>>,

One more post, I am marginally better, still experiencing some flu issues, blood and infection matter from sinuses. And still coughing some, some head-achy-ness, but trying to cope.

I still use a half dose of Alka-Seltzer from time to time. And it seems to help some w/ pressure in chest.

Have Had some recent bouts of nausea with this, and so on. TrekC' is getting better slowly... if the stress would just ease a wee bit... ah well.

Just Updating some here.

Jus' Silverwolfi

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