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Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
I wrote to a support group leader tonight about the movie "Vaccine Syndrome". It was shared tonight in the Vaccines Revealed Series (#6) that is being offered for viewing for free this week.

Here is what I said....

I watched tonight’s episode that included the movie premiere of Vaccine Syndrome.

I’ve heard movies referred to as “powerful” before, mostly in advertisements, but I’ve never really thought they were THAT powerful. (However they did get my money for a ticket so I guess they won.)

Within minutes of starting to watch I went from shock, to crying, to becoming nauseated, to anger, to wanting to do something drastic to fix or stop this situation.

Not only does it resemble our struggles in the Lyme community with the same basic politicians and policies, it is, to me, horrifying to see what is being done to humans and to know it continues.

I got so overwhelmed I had to stop watching and go lay down. I fell asleep and when I woke I went back to trying to watch the rest. Within another minute or so I was once again in tears. I call this “powerful”.

I hope you got to watch it, not to horrify you of course, but so you can see deeper into our own struggles and what we are going thru behind the scenes and what we’ve experienced for decades now.

If not, and I haven’t checked the prices on the versions they offer for sale, but if it is reasonable it would be something to consider watching.

Thank you for sharing the links with folks. I do hope they got to see it. This craziness must stop!

The Lyme vaccine should be on the market again at some point in the future and this scares me as it is being handled like the vaccines are being handled in that movie.

Thanks again for sharing links to this “powerful” series. Take care!
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Dekrator shared this post here a few days ago. I am so glad she did! Link to see the Vaccines Revealed series is below. ALL episodes I've seen have been very, very good.

Hi Tincup,

I am so thankful that RFK Jr is going to lead this commission on vaccine safety.

I just watched RFK's amazing interview on episode 3 of the 9 part docu-series called "Vaccines Revealed" which runs from Jan 10-18 2017.

The information he shared is astounding!

Episode 3 is only available to view until 9 pm tonight, Friday, Jan 13. Then episode 4 will start. Each episode is available for 24 hours.

Here is the link if anyone wants to sign up easily with their email address and watch remaining episodes.

Each episode has been really good, but I especially loved the RFK Jr interview in episode 3. Episode 3 also contains a 20 minute condensed version of the movie "Vaxxed".
Posted by Dekrator48 (Member # 18239) on :
Ty Bollinger is currently working on a new docu-series called "The Truth About Vaccines".

I am really looking forward to seeing it.

Ty created the docu-series "The Truth About Cancer" which is absolutely mind-blowing.

If you have not seen it, his latest one called "The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest" is being replayed for free starting Jan 17 at 9 pm.

Episode 1 will be available until 9 pm Wed Jan 18 and then episode 2 will air for 24 hours, and so on.

It is the best thing I have ever watched.

I think people who don't have cancer aren't watching because they think it doesn't apply to them, but the information about how to prevent cancer and what you can do if you get cancer is soooo worth it....not to mention the amazing survival stories by people who were told they were terminal and had no hope, then they turned to alternative treatments and survived.

I encourage everyone to watch it.

Here is the link to sign up. You will receive a daily email link.
Posted by Dekrator48 (Member # 18239) on :
If anyone would like to watch the amazing docu-series, "Vaccines Revealed", it has been extended through the weekend of January 22, 2017.

You can sign up easily in the link with your email address.

This is an amazing opportunity to hear mind-blowing information about the toxicity of vaccines, the deep corruption at the CDC and in the pharmaceutical industry, and hear parents' accounts of vaccine injured children.

Many of these parents are doctors who went on a quest to learn the truth after their child was severely injured by vaccines.

Knowledge is power. We can't protect ourselves and our children if we don't know the truth.
Posted by steve1906 (Member # 16206) on :
Thank you all for this info. I just watched Episode 9, it expires in 5-1/5 hours.

I too encourage you to watch it!

Posted by Dekrator48 (Member # 18239) on :
You're welcome, Steve.

At 6 pm eastern time today, Fri Jan 20, all 9 episodes should be available to view through this weekend.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Adding this excellent article here.

10 Reasons Why CDC Should Be Crying In The Hallways

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