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Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
I've heard some ppl have herxing to this drug, some are fine. Is there something I should look for when taking it?
My mix is EDTA 1%, Gentamicin 3%, Mupirocin 0.2%
Posted by unsure445 (Member # 15962) on :
When I took this we subbed out the gentamycin for zithromax and there was also glutathione and something else in the mix.

I herxed severely from it, all in my head/face; took a few days for it to kick in and build up.

It helped a lot though. Bartonella affects my sinuses and it was from that versus Marcons I believe. I was never tested for Marcons but apparently most chronic lyme patients have more staph than others in their sinuses due to the down regulation of the immune system (everyone has staph in their in sinuses).
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
What are your symptoms?
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
I agree with Unsure, and I herxed from it too. I think it's just one of those things you won't know until you try it. I would just plan on detoxing. Coffee enemas helped me.
Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
Well I have not tried it yet. Wanted to post here first. But I was rxed it b/c of positive marcons.

So a herx from this would be anything in particular? In relation to the sinuses, I've had post nasal drip most of my life. Also clear my throat a lot and have to blow my nose multiple times during the day.

In general, my main lyme infection or whatnot symptoms that really bother me are nerve zaps, shocks, pricks.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
The herx was major face/head pain (day 2 or 3), but I have detox issues so maybe that was just me. I would embrace coffee enemas if I were you. They help big time. They detox the brain and body faster than anything I know of.

I also had PND, sinus issues and throat clearing too. BTW, throat clearing is also a symptom of PR (protomyxzoa rheumatica). For bart you can try A-Bart (it helps me).
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Forgot to mention, I had the zaps too, magnesium will help as getting heavy metals out of you. Heavy metal detoxing has helped me the most. The pricks were parasites. They are a huge part of lyme.

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