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Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Someone asked me that today - so does Lyme cause it or is it just concurrent with the illness, if anyone knows?
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :

Surprisingly, most people in America are vitamin D deficient. In the Lyme patient, low vitamin D levels can cause diffuse body aches and cramps that are not responsive to magnesium or calcium supplements. Some also believe that vitamin D is essential for normal immune and hormone function. I strongly urge you to have a fasting blood level drawn. It is recommended that the blood levels be in the upper half or the normal range. If it is not, then 2000 to 4000 units daily are needed for several weeks to make up for the deficit, and then a lower maintenance dose may be necessary, based on results from repeated blood level monitoring. If vitamin D is needed, improvements take 2 to 3 weeks to note, but are well worth the wait." (page 30 of Burrascano)
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
The population in general has low Vitamin D levels, as TF mentioned.

Two main reasons, in my opinion... lack of sunlight and the invention and consumption of other beverages (coffee, teas, soda pop, etc.) instead of milk and mineral rich spring water.

The problems with the lack of Vitamin D were first identified and addressed about 100 years ago in Boston because of the high incidence of rickets in the children there.

To try to correct the situation "officials" began supplementing milk with Vitamin D because it was needed to help the body absorb minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and prevent rickets.

Now in the USA all milk must be fortified with Vitamin D. In Canada all milk and margarine must be.

Today, we drink a lot less milk and margarine is "bad" for us, so many people aren't getting what is needed, Lyme or not.

Here is some additional info on it.

As for lack of sun...

Spending to much time indoors, dark winter months, cities with tall buildings blocking out sunlight, artificial lights, sunblock, etc. all contribute.
Posted by wrotek (Member # 5354) on :
since vitamin D is a hormone, no such thing as is disregulation and describes why it happens

It is like saying i am deficient in testosterone, but there is a reason why testosterone is low... something makes low testosterone to appear, but doctors supplement it to level it and do not address the cause of low testosterone

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