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Posted by Toper1 (Member # 47723) on :
Has anyone gotten ultralight therapy and blood ozone? Wondering if this helps and would like some input before trying to get the $ to do treatments.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
I did a few months at the begining ...made me tired was 100cc pulled out mixed with silver and ozone then ran back through .light ...i think it acts more as a vaccine than a direct killing method ...

it did hurt if nurse withdrew blood too fast she collapsed vein once ...also heparin clots etc euro they just inject ozone via butterfly

i also made a germicidal light with a fiber optic like claude on hw ...but does not seem bright enough..uvlrx is a fiver optic in a catheder worn for a hr or so sounds more productive ..just got approval again

i am reading more about ten pass ozone killing non encysted lyme .and considering going back to h202 silver after iv abx
Posted by onebeed (Member # 46620) on :
I am using UVLRx and sometimes combined with ozone. The doctor removes some of my blood and mixes it with ozone. The herxes from this have been pretty bad but I believe it is helping with my many issues including Babesia Bartonella Mold and parasites in addition to Lyme.

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Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :
My son is now getting UVLRx once a week for 15 weeks and then we will reevaluate. He had his 7th treatment today. He is very tired after the treatment.

He is also taking Cat's Claw and C silver but the UVLRx is clearly giving him the herx.

He says he has more energy and thinks a little clearer after the treatments. What is tough to know is, are the treatments cumulative and will they actually kill off the infection.

He has a very hard time with ABX so we have gone this route now. We shall see. The data is still very new or is compiling as I type with this type of treatment.

All the Best, MattH
Posted by keyre (Member # 50128) on :
My son is getting ozone therapy along with biophoton treatment and taking numerous homeopathic herbs - currently in Germany out of desperation! We have only had 3 ozone treatments thus far. Can't say I see any improvement yet. Bad herx for sure!
Good luck,

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