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Posted by jackie81 (Member # 27031) on :
I feel like this is a never ending stupid bacteria and I don't know what the heck to do

is anyone better from bart?

If so, WHAT did you take and for how long?

How badly did you herx?

I feel like I am doomed
Posted by willbeatthis (Member # 31111) on :
Jackie, the best advice I have to give you is get to a LLMD with a solid track record. Bart is known to relapse. Truly cured people are likely not on this board. They are out living life most likely....

You are not doomed! Do not succumb to that belief. Find good medical help and go from there. Hang in there. I am sure this is a doozy to deal with given you were well for quite sometime. TF knows of some Burrascano like docs and I have one person I know of right now that could probably arrest this for you. Message me. Take care!
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
Zhang Hh2, bee venom ,barberry,sida acuta ,zith and rifampin and rife and lots of propolis have made a huge dent in my stubborn bart
Posted by ilovedogs (Member # 48866) on :
Jackie-I am healed from bart. You are not doomed, although I know I felt that way too.

I treated bart hard with rifampin and zyth then minocycline. The herxes were rough. I then switched to the Byron White formulas.

I am well now. You can get well too.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
I got rid of it. I told you my story on your other thread on the same topic.;f=1;t=135724;p=0#000000
Posted by Christopher J (Member # 46401) on :
Bartonella was actually the easiest for me to get rid of. Combinations of Bactrim, Zithromax plus I take a lot of other antibiotics for Lyme. But get on zith. Zith always has made me feel 100x better. Currently on Biaxin its sister.
Posted by jackie81 (Member # 27031) on :
So there are 2 people who are healed of bart ? That is very encouraging ...
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Healed people generally stop coming to LymeNet with very few exceptions.

I have 5 friends who were healed of bart along with babs and lyme. None of them ever came on LymeNet and posted anything about it.

So, in the entire world, who knows how many have been healed of bart and never happened to come here and see your post!

Also, on your other thread, you have some other folks who told you they were healed and how they treated it. Did you forget about your other thread from April 1?

In my experience, all the people I know have lyme, babs, and bart together and bart is never a worse problem than the other 2. So, perhaps it is that the people I know go to Burrascano type doctors and none of them have trouble getting rid of bart for people.

I don't think of bart as being any harder to cure than any of the others.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Me. I am healed of bart.

It took getting rid of Lyme, then the coinfections were relatively easy to eliminate. I used photon treatment for the infections (there are a lot of threads on photon treatment).

I did have to take care of parasites, heavy metals, mold toxicity, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, etc.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I´m also healed. I posted a long thread here when that happened many years ago. Quite complex mixture of herbs and other treatments.

Bart was hard, as babesia was hard, as borrelia was hard.

I think the synergy between critters makes the whole picture hard to heal. Many years of chronic infections weaken the body, that is why it looks impossible to heal.

It´s not impossible, but you´re right: it can be hard.

Just keep treating, look into other coinfections, parasites, toxins and treat them all.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
Here is a thread from almost ten years ago, with info about natural remedies for bart.;f=1;t=061335#000000
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :

Yes, people do recover from Bartonella.

I had severe Bartonella for 8 years (homebound for 5). My mental/cognitive and physical symptoms were extreme, and nothing helped me (including Burriscano's protocol, Cowden's protocol, etc. etc. etc.) I became worse with everything I tried.

I never believed I could recover from the state I was in, but I am now well, thanks to mild hyperbaric. You can read more on the thread:

Bartonella is not usually a severe or lengthy infection for those with a functioning immune system. With chronic infection, IMO, the key is not to hyper-focus on bug-killing, but to empower the immune system so it can do the job it was designed to do...
Posted by ktkdommer (Member # 29020) on :
I would considered myself healed from bart after a very aggressive attack on it using antibiotics and supplements. Took a while to kick it though.

I'm back today after a year off looking for anyone with EDS.

My oldest son, 24, is also done with bartonella after years of treatment. He is an engineer. Doesn't take anything anymore to maintain.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I guess Phoiph is right. Bartonella and even Borrelia are not as hard to fight for people with functioning immune systems.

The accent, in my opinion, has to be shifted from killing-only, to supporting the immune system TOO.

Detoxing had been my best strategy during active lyme: herbs and homeopathy add less stress and toxins to the body (than drugs), and I took many stuff to detox, daily, many times a day even.

Detoxing-only MAY make the immune system kick in, but that only happens when you do detox systematically, for longer periods (not only for die off, I mean).

hyperbaric chambers, bee venom therapies, heat therapies, saunas, acupuncture, anti oxidants in great amounts, binders, all that attack the problem 'sideways' ...

.... but when you feel an infection is too stubborn, that might mean in fact, that your immune system is not performative enough to fight it.

So somehow, a 'side-way' therapy may work better than a killing direct therapy, in my opinion. [Wink]
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
My wife is rid of it through a combination of Rife frequency treatments and a nutramedix treatment which I don't recall the exact product.

It certainly is possible. It is a tougher coinfection but it can't change form like Lyme and is more vulnerable to the immune systems defenses.


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