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Posted by etb6855 (Member # 48383) on :
Anyone have these symptoms? I have them off and on and cannot figure out what triggers it.

I did a search under medical questions of previous posts and one of them said it could be due to liver stress?

Any recommendations would be great!
Posted by jory (Member # 50029) on :
Sounds like it might be Qi Stagnation or a thyroid problem. Here are two TCM tongue diagnosis charts:

For Qi stagnation I use something called "Jian Pi Wan", a traditional formula made of atractylodes, codonopsis, citrus, and other ingredients that escape me right now. It stimulates the spleen and is a very old recipe.

Here's a link on ebay:

If you want a closer supplier for quick delivery I recommend contacting Hui Tack Wing in Montreal:
Ask for Kenny, everyone else doesn't really speak english.

Hope this helps!
Posted by etb6855 (Member # 48383) on :
Posted by jory (Member # 50029) on :
Kenny really is your best route, and he stocks the best ginseng roots, astragalus roots, wu wei zi (shisandra berries) and much more. If you tell him your needs his dad is a longtime TCM master of the old school kind, a wizard in the field [Smile]

edit: I don't believe he is lyme-literate though. also typos.

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Posted by Dekrator48 (Member # 18239) on :
Could possibly be a B12 deficiency.

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