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Posted by gigimac (Member # 33353) on :
Months ago I got the last of my badly infected teeth pulled. Around this time I started feeling better. I was also taking silver everyday also added small dose co.

I started to change. I stopped being as shy and I had more mental energy and clarity. I was feeling great. I didn't even want to speak about it at the thought jinxing it.

I attributed this to the silver. Then I got a new tick bite and got on doxy.

Fast forward to now.
I have almost completely lost my filter. I'm saying mean things before thinking. Not really horrible but things, but it is not like me.

The me I have always been is shy and over filters and never says what's on my mind.

My brain won't shut off. I can't sleep . I feel the need to be engaged in a chat or listen to music constantly. I sleep with music on now. I never would have done that.

I felt so alive and happy now I feel angry, sad and things get on my nerves soo easily. There is still some happy in there but why is my brain spinning why do I have to be mentally engaged to feel ok?? I even type differently its like I became someone else.

could it be a co infection or did I just become adhd or bipolar or whatever over a months time or so?

why can't I feel better without feeling crazy
I thought my brain was coming back online but now it is just too much.

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Personally, I would get off the doxy and try another med. Doxy does get into the brain and perhaps your brain DOES NOT LIKE IT.

Did you get tested for bart?

Hope you feel better very very soon!
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :

There is a reason they call the gut the "second brain".

It houses most of our immune system, crucial neurotransmitters/hormones, and has more neurons than the spinal cord. Gut bacteria plays a crucial role.

My impression is that you upset the delicate balance of your gut with the doxy, and are now experiencing the unfortunate consequences:

Here are some suggestions on how to heal your gut:
Posted by gigimac (Member # 33353) on :
This started before the doxy. it started with me taking silver and getting my teeth pulled out.

The doxy does seem to make it quite a bit worse though...

I'm on probiotics

Lymetoo, my bart test was negative but based on my reaction to azith etc. and the fact I have lived with and been scratched by cats literally my whole life, it is quite possible I have it.

Thanks for the links phoip.

I am going off doxy. I have been on it 30 days as of tomorrow anyway. (for the new tick bite)

I don't want to give up my silver yet..

I have been drinking 2 cups of coffee everyday. that wouldn't do this, right?
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
Your initial post says you were feeling great until you took doxy...???
Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
Its called "wired and tired"

pretty common with lyme and also from dyshyosis of the gut

Its brutal,my brain doesn't shut down.

Even my dreams are in high speed and lots of nightmares.

5htp and l theanine can slow your brain down some but don't take 5 http if you are on ssri
Posted by gigimac (Member # 33353) on :
Yes, it has been a cumulative effect. Started feeling better after taking silver. more alert more desire to do things, then I started to want to talk to people for first time in ages. started feeling a lot less shy.

I felt happy, hopeful, maybe ecstatic at times. Then I took doxy.That feeling grew and grew but then it shifted to all those feelings Plus less filter, plus saying what I think even if its not the nicer thing to say, then getting mad easily at times.

More emotional maybe. talking a mile a minute, brain switching from one subject to another quickly, way more impulsive.

My brain and body was in numbness for sooo long. It is so strange, the spineless couch potato I was and wouldn't even a hold a conversation or talk on phone cause it took too much energy or speak to anyone has changed so much.

to be clear, even though I feel kind of crazy at times, not every second of the day, I still prefer this over the me that laid numbly on the couch with no interest in life and had given up, waiting to see if I would die.

like a am a different person
Posted by minimonkey (Member # 8693) on :
It sounds like maybe you were clinically depressed due to the tooth infection, and now your body is needing to readjust --- some of the symptoms you are describing are similar to adhd and/or mania -- but all of these things are mediated by neurotransmitters. Doxy really messes with my mood -- and I know it does that to other people too. Hopefully once you are off it and it is out of your system, you'll start to find a more normal-feeling middle ground.
Posted by gigimac (Member # 33353) on :
Today has been a lot more back to normal and have been off doxy. I'm not feeling crazy. the doxy makes me feel crazy now for some reason it seems.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
So glad to hear this good news, gigi.

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