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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Why Rerum, a sort of an alternative to GcMaf?

For many years it was erroneously believed that GcMAF (= GcProtein) was a conductor in the innate immune system and an extremely powerful endogenous macrophage stimulator.

GcMaf CONTAINS Vit D and fatty acids (such as oleic acid and chondroitin sulfafte).

The effects observed in GcMAF are solely due to its function as a carrier protein. The Gc Protein itself has no effect per se; it only serves to carry the molecules endowed with all the effects erroneously attributed to GcMAF.

And what about oleic acid and vitamin D? Could other effects previously and erroneously attributed to GcMAF be due to vitamin D and oleic acid instead?

Indeed, numerous studies now show the benefits of these substances in different diseases.

This knowledge enabled Professor Ruggiero to reconstitute all the effects and even boost the power of the aforementioned structure by designing Rerum®.

This is a new generation of a supramolecular complex WITOUTH the GcMAF protein itself.

In the newly developed Rerum®, the protein backbone is replaced by chondroitin sulfate.

While GcMAF from human blood protein only has one chemical bond for certain moieties, chondroitin sulfate posseses more than 50 moieties of GalNAc since GalNAc is a constituent part of CS. Rerum® demonstrates the effects attributed to GcMAF, and even goes so far as to also show those properties that have long been linked to chondroitin sulfate.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Just a comment: if Rerum is a sort of 'improved' chondroitin sulfate, a supplement highly recommended by Buhner for joint arthritis, it could be an interesting supplement for lyme patients. (?)

The patented formula costs some money, of course, but again, you can buy an imprinted energy copy of it for a very low price.

I took imprinted GcMaf for a while and it did sort of gave me herxes in my joints. It felt a bit too aggressive.

Scott (betterhealthguy) tried the real chemical substance GcMaf for 2 years, with violent reactions (immune boosting resulting in extreme inflammation).

I'll order imprinted Rerum to see what it gives.

GcMaf acted inside my joints better than cannabis did. Cannabis though is much more enjoyable to take, as it relaxes the body and takes off anxiety, in my case.

I no longer have lyme, but I had some arthritic symptoms that almost disappeared with GcMaf and cannabis. I still crack in a couple of joints, but have practically zero joint pain now.

that is why I'm ready to try this other product.

As what goes for joints, I know that absence of pain is not a warrant the joint is infection-free.

During lyme, that was clear: the moment I took anti-microbials against Borrelia, I herxed in joints I never thought had been ill before...

And not only one joint, but loads of joints!!

And besides, heavy metal detox always hits my joints first, and many scream with pain (fortunately, only short term pain!), that fully disappears when chelators are interrupted.

Anyone ever tried Rerum here???
Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :
Yes, last spring, I tried Rerum for about two months. For me it did absolutely nothing. I had high hopes after reading about it.

I email several people that said they were users and watched several videos with the two inventors/partners.

Too expensive for me to try it for a third month without at least some symptom improvement.

All the Best,

Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Thanks Matt for sharing the experience.

I haven't ordered mine, yet...

Most arthritic symptoms are gone for the moment, so I may wait to see if they come again to order and test it.

The Rerum I'm talking about is only imprinted, so pretty inexpensive.
Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :
I did not know about the imprinted version. I will PM you about Desbio.

All the Best,


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