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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Hi, I 'm thinking about buying a PEMF device to support whole body health.( detox, raise energy levels, etc).

What device would you guys recommend?

Does anyone have experience with the iMRS?

Or any other PEMF device?

Thank you!

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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
So no one is using any PEMFs?? [confused]
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
I do have an IMRS, Brussels, but it is being used by my husband for general health rather than Lyme, as he isn't ill. I think it helps him to relax and often he goes on it if he has insomnia and finds it helpful. He had mixed reactions to using its various tools to work on specific pain spots for his arthritis.

I used it on very low settings when we first bought it and hope to try it again at some point. I had an initial reaction to it (largely vertigo), but stopped using it because at that stage I had issues with bile pooling and refluxing, so didn't want to be lying flat.

I haven't yet gone back to it because I am already having biomagnetic pair therapy, both with a dedicated practitioner when I am up to travelling and using the pairs of magnets we have bought at I am probably cconnecting enough with magnetic fields for now!

My instinct tells me that IMRS may be a useful adjunct/supportive therapy rather than a specific Lyme treatment, though I can't speak for the more high powered PEMF devices.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
thanks Carry!!!

Can't we use it on a sort of lean-back /reclining chair (not totally horizontal)? Or the mat may break?

So it does not help with pain, if I understood it right?

And does he use the finger device to control his Heart Rate Variability or simply uses the in built programs?

Thanks a lot for any info. It's a bit of an investment, that is why I'm asking. I wonder if this is worth.

I would buy mostly as health maintenance, to increase energy levels, basically.

Does your husband feel any benefit from it apart from relaxation and helping him fall asleep?

I don't have insomnia, no problems with that if I don't sleep on dirty electrosmog. But I sometimes feel I need some help with charging my body with negative ions (the same way that the violet ray does).

I ALMOST always feel benefits from my violet ray. I was thinking that these whole body PEMFs would charge my whole body and do a thorough up-lifting body treatment like the violet ray.

CAn you ask him if he feels his levels of energy get higher (not immediately, but in the next day or so?) Thanks for any extra info!!
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
You are right, Brussels, it is quite an investment. It is hard to say whether my husband has more energy since using the mat because he is pretty energetic naturally! He has commented to me that he no longer complains about arthritic pains in his back, elbow and knees, so the regular use of the mat has probably been responsible for that over time. The probe didn't seem to be as much help for thumb and wrist pain.

When we first got it, we both tried out the mini pillow, the probe attachment the light and sound features, but now I think he just uses the standard mat treatment with the heart variability measured via ear clip. He has used it consitently though, which is a good sign that he values it.

I think we would use the probe and pillow if the situation warranted them, though I also use a scenar device (Pain Genie) which I find helpful for Morton's neuroma pain in my feet

No, the mat in the model we have does need to be used flat, though obviously, you can be sitting when you are using the pillow or probe.

Sorry I can't be more helpful about it: i don't feel that I have had the opportunity yet to give it a proper trial. Sometimes the IMRS is offered as a rental for a month or so before buying, so in your shoes, I would look for a deal like that.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
so many thanks, Carry!

Is your husband's arthritis infectious, would you know ? Does he control food intake well? Like no milk, no gluten, etc? Or eat anything, drink etc?

My arthritis is practically gone (also from finger) with Cannabis and GcMaf. I'm also doing now the HPU, finally, because I can finally take all those things without getting a handicapping reaction like before.

Intake of zinc clearly affects my joints.

It's got the same effect of chelation: joints get stinging paints, sometimes weaker after, you feel you can't stand or hold something, there is clear loss of force in some joints that are being affected by chelators / minerals / zinc , then the joints feel 'oiled' from inside.

I know in my case, my arthritis that appeared recently (I guess, due to age...) reacts to chelators / mobilizers.

But also the combination Cannabis with GcMaf did something to the joints too. It's not yet 100%, but almost there, so that is why I was hoping the iMRS would give my body a boost.

If it helped his arthritis, it could be boosting /reguating his immune system, I suppose?

So he DOES use the HRV clip!!

I wonder which technology is used in the Pain Genie...

Is it this one?

There is no explanation in their website...

The iMRS is on promotion just this month!!! That is why I have to decide fast!

I still can't make my mind!
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
I am not sure as the source of his arthritis, although it was interesting that when my biomagnetic pair therapist tested Richard (mainly to make sure that he did not have anything that could re-infect me), he found some virus in the jaw, which he treated, and he mentioned that he hoped that would stop progression of the arthritis.

As for diet, we eat organic wholesome food, but he does still have some gluten and also cheese, but not butter or milk. He has never elected to try the diet approach for arthritis in particular.

I am glad to hear that your own arthritis is improving and also that you can now tolerate treating HPU, which I treat too, in my case mainly zinc and P5P, but also EPO and molybdenum. I tend to shy away from manganese because of the Lyme connection, but maybe I shouldn't!

Yes, that is the Pain Genie, which seems to have gone up in price since I bought it. The Scenar technology was developed in Russia and there are various different models. I only use it for the foot pain at present, but I think it may have wider applications.

Does the IMRS promotion include the chance to rent for a month, then return if necessary? Mine did. With that offer, at least you could judge whether you think it will help you and send it back if not.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Nope, I don't think so, unfortunately.

They are only giving a promotion for the professional model. It's tempting, but if I feel bad on the mat, it will be money thrown down the drain...

I think I'll start from scratch again...

It's so hard to swim around so many options, I need time to decide....

Funny technology, this Pain GEnie. These Russians do develop interesting devices, don't they?!!

Does it REALLY feel like sticky when there is a problem??? It sounds so crazy. I wonder what is this device using as technology... If I could understand a bit, it makes the decision better.

I decided not to purchase it last night. I'll give a try on less expensive devices, to see how my body reacts. I certainly think magnetic field therapies are good, but which kind of pulses, which kind of intensity, is hard to decide without actually trying the devices.

Putting more than 3000 euros for a device and not liking it after is too much for our budget.

If I was sure, yes, but I'll let it sit longer.
Many thanks for the detailed info about your husband. It seems the iMRS is doing good to him, right?
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
I think you made a good decision, Brussels, as there will be other chances to buy the IMRS in the future at reduced rate should you so decide. If you are not sure, it s always better to say no, I find, especially when something is costly.

Yes, the Pain Genie tends to feel sticky in the problem areas and also sometimes emits more sounds in those areas. I did a little ,lresearch before I bought it, but it was then half the price it is now and i had read or heard good reviews of it from two people I knew or respected in the health world, one being specifically for Morton's neuroma.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
amazing... There are things we only can believe when we see it!!

I just would like to know what kind of technology is inside a device to purchase it before. Either I try it and like it, then buy it, or I read about it, feel it has some potential, then buy it...

I didn't order the iMRS and I feel better this way. Surely they'll make other promotions later.

I can order the other stuff I was wanting to order for a long time.

Have you heard of the AM wand, Carry?
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
I have used the imrs in the past, it did help, but have not used it in a while.

I have a friend that is selling her IMRS Mat. She needs the money, she has completely run out of money.

I could put you in touch with her if you'd like.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I didn't read through this whole thread. I have the MagPulser by SOTA. I didn't find it to be very effective for my particular issues. I found the infra red LEDs (LightWorks) to be more helpful. That's just me, though.

I also had various magnetic mattress pads but they didn't seem to do alot, either. I know there are studies but I didn't have any overwhelming positive results from either in retrospect.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Hi Sparkle! Nice to see you around again.

Thank you for your opinion on the Sota... I thought it would be useful for deeper problems, like teeth, joints, stuff like that. I read this is one of the most powerful in that low range price (about 6000 gauss if my memory is good?).

Infrared helps mildly, I suspect, compared to strong PEMFs, that should be more like a pain relief, emergency treatment.

Weaker PEMFs shall have similar results to the infrared?? That's just my guess...

there are so many models in the market, that it is so difficult to choose!! It's much more than infrared devices.

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