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Posted by whew (Member # 50599) on :
I've been dealing with Lyme & co. for 20 years.

I got a tick bite a week ago. Using 200mg doxycycline, 2x/day, 6 wks.
As per Dr. B., I'm not sure if I should work up to 200mg, 3x/day (or 300mg 2x/day).

NOW: I read the thread "Treatment Question" from last year. "eng" will use Grapefruit Seed Extract (what dosage/duration?)
after a course of doxy (in order to also kill the cyst form which Keebler insists on and I agree with).

But Keebler: Dr. B. states NOT to combine doxy with flagyl (these 2 types of Rx). I'm not sure what to do!? Use Grapefruit Seed Extract after doxy or flagyl/tinidazole during--or after--doxy?

Also, GSE may increase my current Rx of paxil CR 12.5 and Klonapin 0.5 (2.25mg/day)--helps me breathe--vagus nerve/adrenals thing.

Does something ELSE (besides stevia) kill the cyst form?

(dx 1998, 1-2 yrs. late, on abx. 4 years til 1st "relapse" and w/ nutritionist/herbs since, now in my 5th relapse) [group hug]

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Posted by whew (Member # 50599) on :
I meant to say I'm with a nurse/nutritionist who tests me for supplement needs and addresses Lyme & co. w/ supplements.

My stomach won't tolerate Nutramedix (alcohol-based herbs)now but I put Byron White formulas on my feet/soles.

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
200mg twice a day should be will need a gut left .. Doxy sure wipes out all the good bacteria....besides being VERY hard on the stomach.

Be sure to take probiotics two hours away from the doxy.
Posted by grakay (Member # 48057) on :
I didn't know that Bryon White formulas can be used by putting them on our feet/soles. How much do you put on them? Do you notice a difference?
Posted by whew (Member # 50599) on :
Thanks Lymetoo! I'm taking "Clear" which has artemesia/wormwood, black walnut, etc. and grape fruit seed powder (that one may kill cyst form)...

Hi grakay! My program sheet has the directions from the bottle: 1 dp 2./wk. BUT I rub 10 dps. on and fan dry and cover w/ thick lotion, then old socks turned inside out, just before bed.

Rotating A-BAB, A-BART AND A-L Complex,one per nite.

IDK, Nutritionist says it seems to work. If NutraMedix has less alcohol, I'll try it this way.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
You're welcome!! Are you taking Doxy? I thought that was the point of the thread?

You also need probiotics.
Posted by whew (Member # 50599) on :
Yes--two, 100mg caps of Doxy (=200mg), 2x/day for 6 weeks. (Could do 300mg/day for 8 weeks.)
Yes--Custom Probiotics and NutraFlora.

The point of the thread is: what more?
Keebler told us that the Lyme will become chronic if the cyst form isn't treated with Flagyl too. But Dr. B.'s guide says on p. 12 and 15 not to combine those drugs.

In that 2016 thread "Treatment Question," "eng" just decided to use Grapefruit Seed Extract
after a course of doxy to kill cyst forms.

I'll try to message these folks and follow up. : )
Posted by dal123 (Member # 6313) on :
Not enough, must be at least 300 mg day or 400 mg, if dogs get Lyme / infected tick bites vets prescribe the standard dosage 400 mg doxy. My dog got better treatment than I did, she weighs 1/2 of what I do, she got 400 mg I got half of that at 200 mg, guess who did NOT get well and had Lyme that went into a chronic form from under medication? ME? Dogs w Lyme in Texas are treated better than Humans.
Posted by whew (Member # 50599) on :
tx--it's 200mg twice a day, so 400mg/day,

using 100mg capsules = 4 of them/day.

is 6 weeks long enough?

Pet docs have their act together, lol!

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