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Posted by jackie81 (Member # 27031) on :
What are your symptoms and what are you treating with and is it getting better?

I have hot flashes (NOT sweats)
I have pain in my forehead and some pressure with eye pain,
I have anxiety
I have massive brain fog
I have chest tightness and rib pain (or all over chest pain and pain in the back)

Does this sound like babesia?

I also have foot pain, leg pain, and other bart symptoms

What are you taking for babesia and does it seem to be working?
Posted by AndyR (Member # 46432) on :
I tested positive with Igenex for Babesia Duncani. My main symptoms are:

Forehead pain/pressure (mostly on my right side), tingling, burning
Burning and pressure on my upper cheeks under my eyes (both sides)
Bad eye pressure and pain, burning dry eyes, blurry vision, lots of floaters, light sensitivity
Memory loss, trouble with words, stuttering/slurring words
Anxiety and brain fog
Migrating joint pain
Chest pain
Mild air hunger

I don't have much of the classic babesia symptoms like sweats and my air hunger is mostly just excessive yawning
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
This may be of help...

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