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Posted by Jubilee (Member # 30343) on :
I don't have many treatment options in my area.

A doctor is recommending IV laser therapy. I believe a six inch laser catheter is inserted in the vein. (Wow! The things we do for fun!)

The doctor is recommending three kinds of light: UV to kill germs and then blue and red for coagulation and mitochondrial support.

He usually does this for 30 minutes, and he is recommending 10 minutes for me.

I cannot tell the number of times that a doctor has given me an antimicrobial treatment in "very safe" smaller-than-usual-amounts, and I herxed so bad I couldn't stand, think, talk, etc. I don't have reliable help to get through a herx, and I am concerned about the amount of time recommended and also whether this is a good use of money ($200).

I have done IV UV treatment a few times when at a Lyme clinic, but it was followed with extensive supportive therapies (lymph massage, colonics, etc.)

I can do coffee enemas and take binders at home, but I have still been pushed beyond my capacity to care for myself many times.

Does anyone have experience with IV lasers? If so, how many minutes is appropriate for us very sick Lymies?
Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :
I have no idea how long you should be on the treatment. My son has had over 25 treatments. He has a herx each time.

My thought is the treatment gets rid of the bugs in the blood but does not handle the bugs elsewhere in the body. He head is clearer after the treatment. He sits in the sauna for thirty minutes after the treatment and also drinks lots of water. I do not think it clears chronic lyme by itself.

He is taking a Buhner herb like protocol as the main treatment and seems to be doing okay. His last UV LRx was in May.

All the Best, MattH
Posted by Jubilee (Member # 30343) on :

Thank you for your kindness to reply.

Do you know if his was just ultraviolet (blood taken out of body, run past a UV light, and returned) or laser inserted into vein?

I may have access to a rife machine, and I have other antimicrobial herbs and colloidal silver. If the laser isn't providing a major side benefit, I don't know if there is value in paying for it.
Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :
This the UV LRx treatment. A light probe is inserted into the vein and over the course of an hour 3 bacteria, fungus, virus k

illing frequencies are used.

I did it one time to see if it made a difference for me and I was relaxed afterward but not much more from just one treatment.

However it helped my son through a semester of college.

I have done over 20 Ozone IV's or ultraviolet blood irradiation. On two occasions I felt very clear headed but it did not last and did not reoccur after additional treatments.

All the Best, MattH
Posted by Badtick (Member # 9794) on :
Why not just do IR laser treatment with a frequency programmable laser through the skin. They irradiate the blood as well as tissues. I have a few of these devices and they work quite well without the need for an invasive procedure. I also rife with a plasma machine and highly recommend this.
Posted by lapis29 (Member # 47626) on :
Originally posted by Badtick:
Why not just do IR laser treatment with a frequency programmable laser through the skin. They irradiate the blood as well as tissues.

what is the name of this device? thanks
Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :

Do you have a model or type of laser and a protocol? I have not heard of using the laser externally like the UV LRx treatment.

All the Best, MattH
Posted by Badtick (Member # 9794) on :
If you search cold laser in here you will find some information. There are practitioners that have been using this treatment going on 15 years.

I saw someone in CT about 10 years ago that was treating lyme with an Erchonia frequency programmable laser. He was using frequencies similar to what is commonly used in rife treatment. He had a 3 month waiting list to get in when I saw him. I did fully recover but I can't attribute this 100% to his treatment as I had done other therapies previously.

I am using an Avant LZ30 now. The treatment is not a magic bullet but I can attest to it's ability to induce a die off reaction that is dependent on the specific frequency I am using.

(breaking up the paragraph for easier reading for many here)

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Posted by Broxin (Member # 52040) on :
Badtick, could you share with us, how you got fully recovered from lyme?
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

You might first consider a much less expensive, non-invasive method that has helped many:


RIFE Machine - Reference LINKS
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Bad tick, is this the model you use (home model)?

How much would the device cost, would you have an idea?

Are frequencies FULLY programmable, or you only find fixed frequencies?

Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I have a NON PULSED IR and R laser, that I use as cold laser blood irradiation (from outside the skin though, through the pulse).

I bought it this year, and I do think it does something, like Matt said (it may deal with bugs in the blood, and it gives me energy, somehow).

What it clearly did to me, was to clean the blood: my toes and fingers are usually darkened by Raynauds and after one 30 min session, the color changed to almost normal skin color!!

I felt a bit tired, slept very well, first time, and have been doing that to other people, who have the same type of reaction at first.

If I keep doing more and more, there's a limit for what it does.

It is a supportive helpful treatment, I agree.
The other type of therapy you can do with these lasers is locally, on skin.

The oncologist dentist used that for cancer patients, to clear wounds caused by chemotherapy. The improvement is felt the same moment, almost, in a matter of minutes after application.

I saw that with my own eyes, several times, because I took my aunt with cancer there. The transformation is fast. So it does something to heal wounds, and rather fast
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
One of these days, I got a black fungal infection under a finger nail. It started just black, no pain, and started to grow, got very red, swollen, the nail practically started to fall, but the infection was UNDER the nail...

So I used the laser there, both the IR and the R ones... For longer than what's recommended. And surprisingly, the inflammation went down to 10% rather fast (same evening), then next day I had only the black spot but no more inflammation.

I believe it really stopped that fungus to develop.

As for cold laser therapy, I think if I had lyme still, I use that daily, 30 min, to see.

I know it^s not recommended but, as you say, what are the things we don't do to get better....

Laser therapies are still new, no one knows if this is too powerful or what are really the consequences....

The intensity is pretty impressive: it crosses my hand (I can see the red color going through the skin crossing my hands!).

I believe it increases ATP somehow in the cells. I feel somewhat energized from these cold laser treatments....
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I bought a medical laser, but rather cheap, in Brazil, made by a good company.

It was recommended by my friend who is dentist.

it cost only 800 dollars, it was worth all the pennies. I use it now for hubby's eczema rash, for teeth in pain (after dental work), it seems to help even though rarely it^s a solution in itself (only my fungal infection under the nail seemed to solve with it on its own....).
Posted by Broxin (Member # 52040) on :
Brussels why doing you share a link with us to your device? Also how did you cure lyme?
Posted by Badtick (Member # 9794) on :
I recovered back then with a mix of drug, naturopathic and energy treatments. The LZ30 is one of the lasers I have and use. It was 4K cost from what I recall. It is fully programmable.

I also use a super pulsed 904nm laser (T2000) mainly for orthopedic issues that is no longer produced. It came preprogrammed and runs different groups of frequencies via the 7 diodes.

Both of these devices can produce die off reactions which are frequency specific.
Posted by Cass A (Member # 11134) on :
I have gotten three or so sessions of IV laser therapy with my LLMD. Two of them using riboflavin additionally to improve the potency. Costly---over $200 without the riboflavin and $265 with it. Takes about an hour.

Fell asleep in the chair the first time. Second, was tired afterward. Third and fourth, no real change. I ended it.

I am doing LOTS of other tings, mostly herbs, sleep therapy, exercises, chiropractic, ASEA water, so not done in isolation.

Cass A

Cass A
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Broxin, sorry for delay in answering...

This is the device I bought:

Price around 800-900 dollars.
The one that looks like a pen.

Abour 'curing' lyme: it's in remission for the last 10.5 years... Followed natural therapies, diet, dr Klingh practitioners, self testing through ART too, Buhner's herbs, Chinese herbs (that now Buhner is using for coinfections), loads of homepathy, Sanum products, took off bad teeth (dead) with root canals and treated cavitations, did a diet the whole time (low allergenic)...

Lyme kept coming back through new tick bites or through relapses (max time without lyme, without symptoms or treatment, was 4 months).

What made not only relapses stop happening but also, somehow, tick bites stopped making me ill (and also my daughter) was photon therapy. It's all here in lymenet under PE1 and the Bionic Therapy thread. That was back in 2009.

I haven't used lasers back then. I mean, I used, but a different kind (the very mild lasers, not really medical, that dr K was using for imprinting homeopathy in patients).

I never thought these laser therapies helped, but had one at home to try, anyway... This new one I got is much stronger, and I like it (but not sure this alone can heal lyme).... I guess not.

Well, no therapy 'alone' can heal a bad case of chronic lyme with multiple reinfections, I think.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Badtick, can you program the pulsations of the laser like we do with Rife?
Posted by Badtick (Member # 9794) on :
You can program and run rife frequencies with the laser.

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