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Posted by AnswersPlease (Member # 50547) on :
I am new to lymenet and newly diagnosed but I have been having nuerological symptoms for 12 years and finally know what has been plaguing me all these years.

My question is, have any of you been treated with IV colloidal silver and was it effective? My dr wants to me to use it as well as vitamin C IV and something where they filter my blood with UV light.

Have any of you done any of these and did it work? I am also wanting to get a second opinion from an infectious disease doctor and see what treatment they can offer.

But I am having the hardest time ever finding one that will treat chronic Lyme or that accepts my insurance anyway it’s just been a nightmare. Any advice?
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I haven't done IV colloidal silver, but I have used it. It's not enough by itself to treat Lyme, at least not in my own experience.

Silver, C, and UV might be an interesting combination to try. If you do, keep us posted on how it goes!

Good luck finding an infectious disease doctor who will treat chronic Lyme. Most don't believe Lyme can exist chronically. If you want an antibiotic treatment protocol, you can post in seeking a doctor here and someone can send you a list of doctors who will treat.

Welcome to Lymenet!
Posted by AnswersPlease (Member # 50547) on :
Thank you so much. I will definitely try posting in the other forum. If I do that treatment I will keep you you updated. This is all so confusing and stressful so i appreciate anyone’s input!!
Posted by BobG (Member # 39642) on :
I believe it is and it increases effectiveness of antibiotics. I would not use it alone.
Posted by onebeed (Member # 46620) on :
I have been doing the UV blood treatments. It is pretty expensive and I had a lot of them - around 35. It did seem to help, but I relapsed as soon as I stopped. Usually my doctor added IV vitamin C when the UV treatment was finished.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I'm of the opinion that one needs a multi-approach to heal chronic-anything, specially chronic lyme.

Diet is one thing to look into (feed yourself with good stuff, getting your cells and organs working properly)...

Then add your minerals, vitamins, probiotics, aminoacids, omega 3, 9, good oils and good sleep to support the body's fight...

Then whatever treatment you do against bacteria, be it IV Vit C, silver, gold, drugs, UV, infrared, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, zappers, Rife, herbs, homeopathics, nosodes, etc....

... you'll get more out of each treatment if you treat holistically.

Suppose you guys continue on sodas, aspartame, glyphosates, pesticides, fungicides, sugars,...

... additives, GMOs, glutamates, extremely OXIDATIVE diets, ready made meals warmed in toxic microwave ovens ...

... (plus chlorine and fluoride in water)... in sum, what a 'normal' person eats every SINGLE DAY...

... how to expect any profound healing from a CHRONIC disease?

People tend to look for single solutions: is this technique working on its own?

What we lack seeing is the whole picture.

In my opinion, what heals is the body. That is the only thing that will heal a chronic condition.

The treatment, whatever it is, is just supportive.
Posted by Badtick (Member # 9794) on :
I have done colloidal silver but not IV. I rank silver very low in the many treatments I have tried over the last 35 years or so. I have mostly been in remission during this time. I haven't done the UV blood irradiation but I have done a number of oxidative and energetic therapies. Here is what I would recommend:

#1. Find a LLMD and follow the Burrascano protocol.

#2. If #1 fails, repeat with another LLMD

#3. Herbal protocol, Buhner etc. Can be combined with #1 and #2

#4. Rife Therapy. Can be combined with #1 - #3

I would not spend time and money on silver and UV without exhausting the above options. You will of course want to detox etc. with whatever protocol you use. You will have a better chance at hitting the lottery than will finding an ID doc that understands chronic lyme.

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