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Posted by Told you I was sick (Member # 35068) on :
Hello. Am curious if anyone on this board happened to go to THE Swiss Clinic, and if so, if you’d be open to discussing it with me (first maybe by private message)?

I am curious as to how it would compare to THE Klinik in Germany, in terms of duration of stay, cost, treatment effectiveness, etc.

I am aware that the Swiss Clinic focuses on biological medicine, whereas the Germany Klinik hones in on a couple-few key treatment strategies.

It is one of those things where, as health and funds are obviously limited (precious!), if I am to go this route, it can and will obviously be only once (a one time, one shot deal)!

Many, many, thanks in advance for your input!!!

Told you...
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Not sure we are thinking about the same clinic.

I guess names must be given?

Swiss: Parac. clinic?
Germany: the one that does hyperthermia?

I heard both are expensive, but I suppose the Swiss clinic is more (just by what I remember reading in the past).

I would not spend ALL my funds in one clinic though... even though I do think they are both good.

It's too risky to spend all savings in one clinic, no matter which.

I do think some sort of electrodermal testing first would be a hint (and these do not cost much), you can do there in the States.

They catch many co-infections, parallel infections, meridians in trouble, heavy metals, parasites, stuff like that.

Then treat these things, WHILE you visit a biological dentist.

If you come to Parac. clinic, they will send you to a biological dentist anyway (with Swiss fees), so better you find one there first.

If you find anyone doing energetic testing ON TOP of your electrodermal testing (for example, in the ways dr. K from Seattle does),...

... you'll sweep even more problems (regulation problems, organ problems)...

...and if the practitioner is good, you'll have all ranges of biological Sanum medicine tested individually for you, the same way that guys here in Parac clin will do....

Dr. Rau's team will put you in a tight diet (no milk products, no gluten etc), that you can do already there, on your own, starting today!

dr K's practitioners too (usually, they test you for food allergens).

Another thing to do is electrosmog treatments... I mean, clean your bedroom /protect your bedroom, at least, turn off fuses in the night, no cordless phone, etc.

I don't know what Parac cl. do in relation to EMRs, but probably it is an issue to be considered (a very important one, so that the immune system kicks in one day).

Then there is chelation, heavy metals must be out.
You can also do that already partially (binders, some lighter chelators, ionic foot baths, infrared saunas). No need to travel that far either.

Electrodermal testing may help.

If you'd like more the hyperthermia type of treatment of hyperbaric chamber, there are also ways to find similar treatments there in the US, I suppose?

If I had very limited finances, I would buy these saunas that keep the head out (portable ones) and measure my body temperature and do on my own (IF I can stand high temperatures without much problem, which I know is not the case for everyone....).

After you've done that all, plus Buhner's herbs, you'll probably be much better.

Then if you still come here to Europe, you won't have to stay too long for treatment.

I don't know, that is how I would do, if I had limited finances...
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
this woman had all the funds, and look what she did to be well again...

She went to Parac and also did hyperthermia, plus MANY OTHER things...

Also the laser- photons (I did LED infrared though...), neural therapy, stem cell therapy, etc etc...

That explains WHY you should do as much as you can on your own (if your finances are not as high as the lady....), and then NEVER EVER spend all your money on a single shot.

this was posted by Bonnie in General, I'm just recopying the link here...
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Copy pasting from Bartender bonnie (i hope she doesn't mind...):


Yolanda is 54 years old. Was diagnosised with Neuro-Lyme in 2012 in Belgium, after searching for over 3 years and many doctors.

She contracted Hepatitis B from acupuncture needles.
She had her thyroid and parathyroid removed because of tumor.

Port installed in chest, IV antibiotics
Detox IV's
IV vitamin cocktails
Ozone therapy in veins and muscles
Coffee enemas
Master Cleanse
Anti-inflammatory diet
Glandular formula for thyroid
High dose vitamin B,C, and folic acid
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Cryotherapy (booth that is -140* Celsius)
Acupuncture with homeopathic remedies and procaine
Hyperthermia (body heated to 103*)
Rife machine
Low Dose Immunotherapy
Antiparasitic meds
Antimalaria meds
Epsom salt baths
Cell peptides
Cilantro drops
Blood thinner
Hormone pellets
Lymphatic drainage massages
Bicillin shots
Essential oils
Liposomal stevia
CBD oil formula spray
Cistus tea
Lyme N supplement(nebulize 20drops)
New various diets
Ion cleanse footbaths

Full body scan
Endoscopy of GI tract
Tonsillectomy at age 52
Removal of metal based crowns and infected teeth
Debride cavitations in mouth
Removal of root canals
PRGF (plasma-rich growth factor)
Breast silicone implant explanation surgery
RHP(recirculary hemoperfusion IV ozone dialysis machine)
Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru
Kambo frog-venom treatment in Peru
TVAM(catheter inserted to stretch jugular vein and carotid artery)
Stem cell therapy in Bahamas
Plasma stem cell therapy in Germany
Stem cell therapy in Seoul, Korea
Intramuscular injections of holistic remedies in Mexico
Family Constellation therapy (emotional health)
Self-made nosodes preparations from urine, uterus, stool, blood, saliva, dead tooth, and tonsil

Yolanda describes everyday of her 5 year battle. She literally left no stone unturned in trying to regain her health and find a cure for 2 of her 3 children, who also have Lyme.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
I just want to point out that Yolanda had leaking breast implants.

"She really started to turn the corner right after getting toxic breast implants removed."

This has to be considered when using her case as an example. She had breast implants that were leaking into her body, making her sick.

The entire thread is here for you to read:;f=3;t=037339;p=0

Did she really ever have lyme at all?
Posted by Told you I was sick (Member # 35068) on :
Thank you, Brussels...thank you, TF.

I am very familiar w/ Yolanda Hadid’s journey. Her new book sheds more light on her path.

No breast implants, here, lol, and no dental amalgams, either.

Done long term treatment w/ various goodies; abx, IVIG, herbs, etc. Was looking for some perspective on comparison of costs and such, and I appreciate the time and details (and your European perspective) that you put into your reply, Brussels.

Will keep poking around for additional insight. Again, many thanks!!!

Told you...

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