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Posted by lymegal23 (Member # 28573) on :
I started taking Houttuynia last month and I started taking 5 drops, then went to 10, then 15. And finally 30. Over the course of a month. Once I got up to 30 drops I started feeling HORRIBLE. Sore, tired, puffy , bloated, and my skin started breaking out badly with acne.

I completely stopped it. Anyone ever have similar experiences?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Maybe your body just can't handle that one.

Feel better soon!
Posted by Badtick (Member # 9794) on :
Sounds like an allergy.
Posted by Richard_F (Member # 50948) on :
you should back off the number of drops to something that doesn't cause such a response. houttuynia is a very powerful herb and there is evidence its effective against bartonella as well as other double walled gram negative pathogens.

its an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune booster. the immune boosting capability could have unwanted outcomes so should be careful with this one.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
The alcohol tincture form might be too harsh. You might consider capsules or dry powder, mixed in water (though some say it smells like fish so capsules easier).

Also it's best not to push to higher doses if they make matters worse. I agree that dropping back is best but also the alcohol can really cause some to react.
Posted by Richard_F (Member # 50948) on :
in my travels i've found the alcohol content to not be an issue for most folks. its so little but there are folks who react strongly to it so always good to be mindful.

i've known many people to take 1 tbsp 2x/day while taking flagyl and not having problems but mileage always varies.
Posted by Rivendell (Member # 19922) on :
I find the Buhner herbs for Bart and Babs to be very very potent. In fact some I can't handle. And I tinctured them using glycerin. Go slow. For some people, 1/2 to two drops of tincture is enough. Allergic reactions happen, too.
Posted by Richard_F (Member # 50948) on :
good point rivendell however some i know go way too slow getting their # of drops up. i've heard some say do one drop for a few days than go to a second drop. that makes sense if you have a reaction to it but for most i think ramping up quicker is better.

also in regards to whether its more important to take more of one herb versus the same amount split amongst 2 herbs the latter is always better because herbs don't work additive but synergistic.
Posted by lymegal23 (Member # 28573) on :
Honestly, Buhner herbs just seem to make me feel worse. I took different ones for a little over a year. Andrographis, Japanese Knotweed, Cats Claw, and now Houttuynia. I have felt much worse during the past year taking them, and have gained like 40 pounds as well. Definitely not working for me!!

I think I'm just going to go back to taking the basic immune supporters and antibacterial supplements like Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano, and Garlic.
Posted by Lyme248 (Member # 51011) on :
Houtttynia makes me feel awful too, especially the powder. I hope the other herbs will work better. Teasel, boneset and aweet annie (Artemisia annua) definitely helped me. I'm not sure yet about the other herbs.

Also, I've heard you have to take several grams of the Japanese knotweed and cats claw to make a difference in how you feel.

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