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Posted by overlyme (Member # 43455) on :
i have had a change of heart and find we really

do need our llmd who I posted about is

actually a saint...he has always been there for

me and has saved my life...i forgot all that on

my last post..also he will NEVER drop you..

some times we get some side effects it

happens..but in the end when all others docs

say no he says yes..and treats..he has

compassion..he is always looking at new angles

to treat..
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
It would be very nice of you to add this to the bottom of your other thread.

Winning! [Smile]
Posted by minimonkey (Member # 8693) on :
This is an interesting change of heart. I agree that we desperately do need our LLMDs -- and even if they don't have the answers, most do the best they can with the available options. It is up to us, as patients, to decide what risks we are willing to take and what we find too risky. Untreated Lyme is riskier than most treatments, I believe. The danger is not the LLMDs, but the Lyme denialists who keep us from ever getting more accurate testing, more advanced treatment options, etc.
Posted by ZillasMom (Member # 50102) on :
My LLDO has saved my life. Best medical care I have ever received.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
We're all human beings!

Even our LLMDs are!

At least, they are trying to help us, while most don't even SEE we exist!

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